ERYD Scooter Rentals


The hottest franchise opportunity in the entertainment marketplace. 

From the moment ERYD Scooter Rentals hit the streets in 2019, the landscape of urban micro-mobility was forever changed. While others looked to solve the riddles of transportation, ERYD chose a different path — one paved with excitement, vibrancy, and the rhythm of pulsating tunes.

​Unrivaled Fleet: ERYD isn’t just another name in the scooter rental industry; it’s the vanguard of the entertainment-based micro-mobility revolution. With one of the largest private fleets in the US, ERYD is an unstoppable force, driving forth the next era of urban exploration.

ERYD Scooter Rental Franchise



  • Multi-unit model: Start with your brick and mortar Homebase & add pop up Outposts to reach potential in your territory.

  • Invest $240k to $345k

  • Fun and easy to operate (low inventory and minimal staffing needs

  • Out of this world Item 19 *per our FDD

ERYD Scooter Rental Franchise


As part of your pre-opening support, we provide on-boarding and training to prepare you to open:

  • Join us for 1 week to learn daily operations, technology, advertising & local marketing, financials, product lines, setting up an Outpost with field support, maintenance and managing the overall business.

  • Plus, onsite support at your ERYD as you get ready to open you first Homebase. Our goal is never hear you say “Houston, we have a problem…”


  1.  Are you seeking owner operators or executive owners? – We want our owners to be involved in the management of the business, but not working “in” the business. Most of our franchise owners will focus on marketing, business development and management.
  2.  Can I own more than one Homebase? – Yes, but not needed. We believe some owners will operate multiple markets and that requires a Homebase location. We offer discounts on initial franchise fees for owners who commit up front to reaching further and adding Outposts as part of a multi-unit agreement.
  3. How many employees are needed to operate the Homebase and each Outpost? – Typically between 1 and 4 full time and part time employees per shift in your Homebase and just 1 person is needed to operate an Outpost. 
  4. How much space do I need for this Homebase? –  Between 2,000 and 4,000 square feet with adequate parking and drive by traffic. We have specific site criteria which will help you evaluate real estate that would be a good fit for your ERYD location.
  5. How long does it take to open? – You should be able to open in 2 to 4 months, depending on how quickly you complete the pre-opening steps and training.
  6. How much will the business make in a year? – . We will be able to share our “out of this world” Financial Performance Representation, called an Item 19. This is in our Franchise Disclosure Document and highlights affiliate performance and history. While this can be a useful tool to help YOU evaluate the revenue potential of YOUR individual business, it really is up to you to achieve and reach your dreams! 

Selective Partnerships

At ERYD, our philosophy is centered around forging connections with ideal franchisees who are committed to investing in our vision properly. Our intention is to provide full support to those who aspire to own an ERYD franchise, as establishing a solid foundation for a lasting and profitable relationship is crucial to our mutual growth. We are in search of the right partners, and we’re dedicated to taking the time necessary to identify the best candidates for our brand.

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