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13 Franchising Opportunities for Women

Without a doubt, more women are entering the franchising industry — and for good reason.

Although every person’s skill sets are unique, women tend to possess similar qualities. In general, women have at least one of the following talents:

  • Patience;
  • Natural ability to work with children;
  • Compassionate;
  • Detail-oriented;
  • Emotional intelligence.

Each of these skill sets works well in the world of franchising. Although women can (and do) open franchises in a variety of industries, there are a few that are best suited for these unique female talents.



At America’s Best Franchises, we have seen women especially successful in these franchising opportunities for women:

#1. Child Learning and Child Play Franchises

Whether you’re teaching or at play with children, having the ability to connect well with kids is a huge asset in child-centric franchises.          

#2. Women’s Fitness Franchises

Women often times feel more comfortable working out with other women. When the franchise is owned by a woman, it’s easier to market these types of fitness franchises to this target market.

#3. Blinds and Shutters Franchises

Detail-oriented women with an eye for interior design will excel in the blinds and shutters industries, offering unique insight to their customers.

#4. Event Photography Franchises

Photographing big events requires a person who sees the world through a unique lens. This often requires someone who possesses the same skills as many women, such as being detail-oriented and patient.

#5. Small Business Solutions

When it comes to advising small businesses, having the ability to see the big picture while digging into the details is paramount.

#6. Nursing or Health Care Franchises

Having compassion and patience while caring for the elderly and sick is vital to a franchisee’s success in the nursing and health care industry.

#7. Residential Maid Service Franchises

Women make up the majority of residential maids, so many of these employees appreciate having female bosses.

#8.  Beauty Franchises

The beauty industry targets women consumers, so it makes sense for females to own these franchises as they have a unique insight into the demographic.

#9. Resale Clothing Franchises

There are many resale clothing franchises that target women shoppers specifically, which makes female ownership a natural fit.

#10. Travel/Vacation Planning Franchises

In travel, it’s essential that a franchise owner is detail oriented. Because many women possess this skillset, the vacation and travel industry is a good match.

#11. Diet Service Franchises

When it comes to weight loss and dieting, it’s important to have a compassionate person behind the service. Women tend to be very caring and sympathetic to these struggles.

#12. Insurance Agencies

Filing insurance claims requires someone who is detail-oriented, making insurance agency franchises a good fit for women with this skillset.

#13. Pet Franchises

Working in the pet industry, means working with families who are looking to add a four-legged friend to their home. Women tend to work well with families because they are caring and compassionate to others.

The Future of Women Owned Franchises

These are all excellent industries for women. They’re also a great match for married couples.

Jobs are hard to come by these days for both men and women. In the down economy, we have seen many families come together to buy franchises in these industries. The blend of skill sets and additional business owners have helped franchisees grow their business faster. In addition, for husband and wife duos with college-aged children, having a franchise means offering employment to their children as they graduate from college.

We believe this could be the future of franchising. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.


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