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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re months, days or minutes into researching your next business venture, you’ve probably got a couple questions. No worries; we’ve got answers.

Questions About Franchising?

What is franchising? How does it work?

Franchising is a business growth strategy.

In its simplest form, two parties enter into a contractual agreement wherein an interested buyer (the franchisee) purchases the rights to sell a company’s (franchisor’s) products or services using methods, operations, systems, brand name and other intellectual property owned by the company.

Trust us; it’s less complicated than it sounds. You can read a more comprehensive breakdown of the franchising model on our Franchising Basics page.

How do I know if I’m ready to own a franchise?

It’s all about asking yourself the right questions. If you’ve got experience in a particular industry, a significant amount of liquid capital, business and management acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit, you might be ready to own a franchise.

Our Learning Center is packed with info that can help you answer this very question.

What kind of franchise is right for me?

Unfortunately, there’s no pre-packaged answer for this question. Only you can know what kind of franchise is right for you – we can only steer you in the right direction.

Analyze your budget, schedule, location, market, experience, goals and (most of all) passions to narrow your focus and determine the best franchise for you and your lifestyle. Then, check out some of the hundreds of franchise opportunities on America’s Best Franchises.

You can also check out our Learning Center for more detailed insight.

Why do people franchise instead of starting their own company?

The short version: it depends on your budget, willingness to adhere to an existing system, and risk tolerance.

The detailed version: Is Franchising For You?

How do I fund my franchise investment?

There are tons of ways to secure the necessary funding for your franchise investment. We recommend reading through the franchise funding guide in our Learning Center. You’ll find everything you need and more.

Questions About

Where can I find more information about a particular franchise opportunity?

After searching through our directory, clicking through our franchise summary pages, and contacting the franchises you’re interested in, we recommend visiting the brand or franchise website to get more information straight from the source.

What do you do with my information?

When you fill out a franchise request information form, we send your contact information directly to the franchise development team at the franchises you requested. They will reach out to give you more information on the specific opportunity you’re interested in.

When can I expect a response?

Usually, you’ll hear back from the franchisors within just a few days. Until then, keep exploring!

What makes a franchise “the best”?

We recommend franchises based on a variety of criteria. Primarily, we consider franchisee satisfaction, franchisee support, unit growth and average unit volume (AUV) to determine which opportunities are truly the best.

How do I advertise my franchise on your site?

You can find all of our advertising information here.

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