Automotive Franchises

6 Automotive Franchises to Consider

If you’re mulling over what industry you want to buy a franchise in, consider an automotive franchise. In the US, the automotive industry is at an all-time high, with more cars being produced than ever before. Add to that the fact that people are keeping their cars longer — 11 years on average — and that makes for ample opportunity for auto repair, parts, and service franchises.

Here are a few categories of automotive franchises to consider:

Glass Repair

It could be a fallen tree branch, an ice storm, or an angry spouse; whatever the cause of car window and windshield damage, it means plenty of opportunity for you if you own a franchise like NOVUS Glass. And because your franchise is mobile, you cut down on the overhead of having office space.

The minimum cash required for a NOVUS Glass franchise is $20,000.

Auto Repair and Service

The longer cars are on the road, the more repairs and services they need performed. From oil changes to tire replacement, there are ample ways you can serve customers in your community with an auto repair franchise like Meineke or Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers.

You’ll be backed by the quality guarantees these franchisors offer, and you’ll be highly-trained to operate your auto service franchise. Meineke requires a minimum cash investment of $75,000, while Express Oil Change requires $300,000.

Reconditioning Services

Everyone likes their car to look brand new, and a reconditioning franchise like Drive N Style does just that. These reconditioning experts work with body shops, dealerships, rental agencies, and car auctions, and they don’t even have to invest in office space because their businesses are completely mobile.

Drive N Style requires a minimum cash investment of $50,000.

Automotive Tools

If you don’t want to have to deal with consumers, you could open a franchise that deals only with repair shops. An auto tool franchise like Matco Tools will have you supplying the tools needed in repair shops, dealerships, and industrial service companies. And you’ve likely seen a Matco Tools truck: that is your complete showroom, warehouse, and office. No need for commercial real estate to eat up your profits.

If you consider Matco Tools, know that you’ll have to shell out at least $30,000.

Locksmith Services

We’ve all been there: the moment you realize your keys are inside the car rather than in your hand. Just imagine how lucrative a locksmith franchise like Pop-A-Lock could be! The locksmithing business is easy to run and mobile, helping you put more profit back into your pocket.

Pop-A-Lock has a minimum cash requirement of $50,000.

If an automotive franchise appeals to you, check out our hand-selected directory of automotive franchise options.

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