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Just One Franchise: Advanced Beverage

The busiest time for a bar, club, or restaurant is on nights and weekends—but that’s also when most companies that handle bar supplies and equipment are closed. When a bar runs out of their most popular ingredients or a restaurant’s soda gun breaks, it could prove disastrous for the business. Bar sales often make up a large portion of profits for restaurants as well as bars, and bar patrons won’t stay if their favorite drinks are unavailable. The bar owners have to scramble and pay retail price for makeshift supplies — they can’t provide their customers with the best bar experience and their profits drop.

Advanced Beverage, a bar and drinks supplier that also services all the equipment needed for bar service, provides an alternative for the hospitality industry, while also offering a great franchise business opportunity.

Advanced Beverage is a mobile franchise business with technicians on call from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a week, ready at peak business times for restaurants when they most need help. They distribute Coca-Cola products in certain markets along with premium bar supplies and drink mixes, including their own brand of pure cane sugar-based mixes and sodas for discerning bar customers. They specialize in making it easy to maintain bar stock without over-ordering with “hotshot” deliveries aimed at smaller local establishments that need smaller deliveries than national beverage suppliers will undertake. Advanced Beverage’s goal is to provide the best service and products in the country to their customers.

Along with the supplies to make drinks, Advanced Beverage sells everything a bar needs for equipment, from frozen drink machines and glassware to ice scoops and cleaning supplies. In addition, Advanced Beverage offers support to new bar owners with a special planning system and impressive amounts of small business support. A new bar owner can call Advanced Beverage and get help figuring out what they need, understanding health code requirements, and figuring out special bar terminology.The corporate website features downloadable forms and guides, plus advice on increasing efficiency and maximizing profits in a bar.

Positioning Advanced Beverage as a strategic partner rather than just a vendor builds loyalty. Once franchisees help bar owners get set up and respond to a late night emergency, they’ll have a long-term connection.

Advanced Beverage franchisees are required to be ready to work on the supply side of things and help their customers see the success they want through building a strong, cooperative relationship. Franchisees are required to have $50,000 in minimum cash and a net worth of $200,000. They can expect to invest between $62,500 and $101,000 in a successful franchise. What’s most important, however, is that the franchisee has the right personality to work with others and their staff members. Advanced Beverage is focusing on building franchise locations in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

If you’ve considered working in the bar supply industry or have experience in the restaurant or food service industry, a franchise with Advanced Beverage might be right for you.

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