Buying a Franchise

Can You Put a Price on Your Business?

When you’re searching for a franchise opportunity, one way to sort through all the different franchisors is by investment range. While it might be a hard thing to limit your dreams by how much money you have, it could be a vital component in the success of your new franchise. Opening a franchise without the consideration of a financial budget is a grave mistake.

There aren’t a lot of no-investment opportunities in business, no matter how many claims you might have read on the subject. No-investment opportunities require starting from the ground up and doing things by the seat of your pants. People who are interested in franchising don’t typically like this option because there is so much risk involved. When you’re investing lots of capital into a business, you want to minimize your risks as much as possible and franchising can help you do that. Keep in mind, however, that more investment doesn’t mean less risk.

Aspiring entrepreneurs only have a limited amount of money accessible at any time, either through our networks of friends and family, from bank and capital loans, or in our own personal assets. While your business aspirations might see the sky as the limit, going for the most expensive capital investments when you don’t have access to the funds or have to do a lot to get them isn’t always smart. The more you borrow, the more risk you’ll take for your own personal future if your franchise fails. It also means your franchise will largely be part of someone else’s assets and you’ll benefit less from profits.

Putting a price on how much you’re willing to pay to get into business and how much risk you’ll willing to take is a crucial step in the franchise process. The more money you borrow, the more risk you take on. The more you invest, the more capital risk you’re taking. But at the same time, bigger and more well known franchises usually cost more and may also bring in more. It’s a balancing act between the two that’s important.

When you’re selecting your franchise, be sure to weigh out risks in terms of your investment capital and how much “skin” you have in the game. Take that step and put a price on your dreams of business ownership.

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