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Just One Franchise: Clearette

Clearette_img3cE-cigarettes are widely debated and discussed. Are they a good way to quit smoking or a harmless and cool accessory? Should they be regulated and taxed like conventional tobacco products or is it appropriate to enjoy them wherever and whenever you please? The FDA has considered treating them as a pharmaceutical product or as a tobacco product (though they contain no tobacco). The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association compares them to caffeine. Municipalities and states are working on regulations, but in the meantime, there’s a huge business opportunity.

Getting in on the ground floor of a new industry is a common dream, and Clearette offers franchisees that chance. Clearette Distributor franchises work with retailers to bring electronic cigarettes to consumers. Clearette franchisees sell and deliver Clearette e-cigarettes to retailers, not to end consumers, so they have less to worry about when it comes to regulations. At the same time, they can still take full advantage of the fact that there is currently very little regulation of the industry.

E-cigarettes use battery-driven heat to turn a nicotine solution into a mist, which the user, or “vaper,” inhales. In most areas, they can be used indoors even if there are smoking bans. Proponents say they’re safer than cigarettes, and they don’t have the smell or the fire danger associated with conventional cigarettes. Since they look and feel much like cigarettes, they offer an alternative to smokers who have to do without cigarettes at work or in social situations. Clearette e-cigs come in both rechargeable and disposable versions, making them versatile solutions in various situations.

The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association estimates that there are currently over one million e-cigarette smokers. Sales of e-cigs have increased significantly in recent years, with sales of $1 billion predicted for next year.

The Clearette business model relies on a distributor style: where franchisees act on behalf of the franchisor to sell the product to retailers, but are legally a wholly separate entity. Clearette expects franchisees to start small, with many franchisees acting as the sole employee, building up a client base until more workers are needed. The methods Clearette uses to train franchises center on growth that starts small and grows with demand—focusing on efficiency and transferring responsibilities when the time comes.

This — along with the modest start-up cost — makes Clearette a good choice for those who want to start a franchise as a side business, building up to a full-time commitment.

Clearette focuses on building partnerships with franchisees to navigate the new world of e-cigarettes. They have a modern website with lots of information, offering free samples, and they’re active in social media. With the amount of media attention being devoted to e-cigs, it’s no wonder Clearette says their products “practically sell themselves.” A complete starter kit, mobile CRM and training in its use, and professional designed sales materials give franchisees a turn-key operation.

While some might worry that uncharted territory in the electronic cigarette industry is too risky, the current controversy is making it more likely that local retailers have already thought about offering e-cigarettes before their Clearette franchisee approaches them.

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