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Franchise for Sale: Title Boxing Club

boxer trainingOne of the biggest challenges with fitness franchise businesses is the disappointed customer. Often, new customers sign up with high hopes of slimming down and firming up almost by magic. When this doesn’t happen, they can be disappointed in the franchise and dissatisfied with the business.

One common approach to this is the “Results Not Typical” claim you’ll see in fitness franchise marketing pieces. Title Boxing Club takes a different approach. This franchise promises 1,000 calories burned in a Power Hour workout lead by their professional trainers, a results-oriented claim they’ll stand behind. 1,000 calories burned in an hour sounds like a serious workout that will bring certain results, which is a big sell for many members.

Title Boxing Club franchises attach a widely recognizable name — Title Boxing gear, the leading provider of boxing equipment — to their club. People who know even just a little about boxing are likely to have heard of the Title boxing brand before because of its widespread popularity among aficionados. As a franchisee, you’ll take advantage of that brand image, which is instantly associated with boxing champions.

Title Club franchisees promise results to their members and it’s clear that members get them with the intense and demanding full body workouts from Title Clubs. Reviewers say workouts kicked their butts, torched calories, and made them want to do it again and again.

If you’re looking into fitness franchises, one part of your research should include looking at reviews of existing franchises. A lot of fitness franchise success has to do with the instructors and trainers. If it’s a class-based franchise, ensuring that you have a good staff ready is essential. Reading online reviews can help you isolate the things customers think are most important in instructors and the facility. That information helps you start off on the right foot with your own clientele.

Be sure to look for traits of the franchise itself that show up in reviews and social media conversations, too. This kind of feedback can help you choose the right franchise, as well as giving you insights into the possible pitfalls with any given franchise opportunity. Find these conversations online easily by searching at and using the drop down menu under “More” to find blogs and discussions.

Title Clubs rely mostly on their memberships as a primary revenue stream but also have private lessons as a secondary revenue stream. This can be a good way to take in additional revenue and build loyalty if you have talented staff. But Title Clubs don’t stop there. They also have an additional revenue stream in gear and retail sales. Every person who walks through the door and becomes a member needs a starter kit.

If Title Boxing Club doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are many other options. Consider the kinds of factors we’ve discussed here when you look at other franchise opportunities, too.

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