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How to Throw a Killer Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Your Franchise

Ready to kick off your grand opening? Do it with a ribbon cutting ceremony for your franchise!

Ribbon cutting ceremonies are a great way to celebrate your doors being open, but they can go one of two ways. Either they’re a huge success that help you get more business through your doors in the future, or they’re a flop. There’s rarely an in-between.

Here’s how to have the former of the two scenarios by throwing a killer one for your franchise.

How to Throw a Killer Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Your Franchise

Step 1: Invite Everyone in Your Rolodex

Don’t hold back! Invite everyone you know to your ribbon cutting event. This is your time to shine. From your mom and grandma to the business connection you haven’t spoken to in years – invite everyone you have contact information for.

Step 2: Create a Facebook Event For It

Encourage guests to sign up via a Facebook event. When you do, their friends will see your ribbon cutting event and the word will travel quickly among their inner circles. It’s an easy way to drive awareness about your grand opening and get more people to your ceremony.

Step 3: Notify the Local Networking Organizations

Many local networking groups will want to be a part of your ribbon cutting ceremony. Let them know so they can promote your event to their contacts too.

Step 4: Plan Some Branded Games and Activities

Most people will enjoy standing around and talking, but there will be several times when a person is left holding their drink wondering who they can talk to next. If that happens, many people leave.

Keep your guests there longer by having a fun activity or a game they can play. For example, if you’re opening a pool supply franchise, have a ring toss game where your guests can try to get rings around noodles stuffed in a pool float. It’s fun, easy and on brand.

Step 5: Find Catering (Unless You’re a Food Based Franchise)

Food is a must at a ribbon cutting ceremony! If you’re a food business, pull out all the stops to put out a nice spread. If you have any other type of franchise, get it catered. This will give you one less thing to worry about on the day of the event and still ensure your guests are treated well.

Step 6: Give Something Away

People love getting something for free. Better yet, when someone gets something for free, they’re more likely to give you back something in the future. It’s the rule of reciprocity and it can work wonders for building your business.

Give away a promotional item or a ticket for something free. For example, if you’re opening a restaurant, give out free drink coupons. Your guests will walk away with something in-hand and have incentive to come back to visit you again in the future.

Step 7: Cut the Ribbon and Have a Good Time

Ultimately, ribbon cuttings are celebrations and should be treated as such. Let your guests enjoy being in your business. Let them let their hair down a little bit and untie their tie while they’re with you. The happier they are during your ribbon cutting, the more likely they are to come back and/or refer you business.

What else are you doing to drive more people and host a killer ribbon cutting ceremony for your franchise?

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