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Is A Children’s Franchise Right For You?

Little girl smiling and painting a colorful canvas

Starting a Children’s Franchise

What could be more rewarding than being in a position to affect future generations? When you own a children’s franchise, you will experience the joy of watching children learn something new. Whether it’s solving a problem, learning to code, understand the meaning behind science or get excited about art, dance or music.

Did you know there are more than 74 million children in the United States? The latest U.S. census says that number will increase to about 80.3 million by 2030. The children’s services and products market is thriving and is essentially recession proof.  Parents spending money on their children will never change.

Children’s Tutoring

The private tutoring industry, by the year 2020, is expected to reach over $128 Billion. Zion Market Research, states, “Globally, the private tutoring market will reach $177,621 million by 2026, with an average growth rate of 7.1% between 2018 and 2026.”

Today, you’ll find children’s franchise programs that include enrichment programs in chess, robotics, sign languages, computer programming and coding, engineering, science and even cooking.

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