Choosing the Right Franchise

Is a Home-Based Franchise Right for Your Work Style?

You know what sounds appealing? Wearing pajama pants to the office and sleeping in until noon. That’s what it’s like to work for yourself, right?

Not quite.

Home-based franchise ownership is a unique type of career. Although there are plenty of perks, such as getting to set your own hours and eat your own food for lunch, there are also a few potential downfalls. It’s not right for everyone.

Before you invest in a home-based franchise, answer these questions.

Is a Home-Based Franchise Right for Your Work Style?

Are you able to stick to your to-do list?

When you work out of your home, there isn’t a boss hovering over your desk to make sure you’re working. This can feel empowering, but only if you’re a self-starter.

Having a to-do list is vital for the work-from-home franchise owner. This is what will keep you on track towards accomplishing your goals. You must have the self-discipline to conquer the daily to-do list or you’ll soon fall behind. Be honest with yourself. If you’re not sure you’re motivated enough to stay on track, a home-based franchise might not be right for you.

Are you able to work independently?

Working from home can get lonely. You don’t have colleagues to talk to. There isn’t a water cooler where you can meet to chat with the people down the hall. You’re working all by yourself.

For some people, that’s invigorating. It means quiet time and focus. For others, the silence can be deafening and the loneliness can stifle growth. Decide which one best suits your personality and work preferences.

Are you comfortable enforcing boundaries with clients and family?

When you have a home office, your door is always open, right? Not quite.

Clients can call your office at all hours of the night. You need to be strong enough to set your own boundaries and know when to stop taking calls. It’s vital that you have your personal time too.

Family must also learn to respect your boundaries. When you need to work, you need to focus. If this isn’t something you feel comfortable enforcing, working from home might be a bigger struggle for you than you might realize.

Are you excited about fixing things?

What will you do when the Internet stops working? How will you fix a problem with your printer? When you work from home these and other tasks fall on your shoulders. It’s up to you to either fix it yourself or find the right person in your area to come by and tackle it for you.

Is Working From Home Right for You?

The answer is, it depends. Look introspectively and decide whether you can realistically stay motivated and driven with a home-based franchise.

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