Choosing the Right Franchise

IT Business Solutions Franchises

Nearly everyone in America now has a computer at work, at home, or both. A new computer is a common back to school purchase, and we buy them for our kids and for our parents come the holidays. We increasingly use our computers to do things we used to do with phones, TVs, books, and radios, and for many of us, they’re a central part of life.

And yet the average American isn’t all that good with computers. We innocently install viruses on them, erase things, lose things, fail to maintain their health in any way, and don’t know what to do when something goes wrong.

Mobile IT services like Fast-teks get computers cleaned up and back on their virtual feet without any need for the computer’s owner to figure out how to umplug everything and take it to a shop (never mind plugging it all back in again).

So who’s the perfect owner of one of these fast-growing franchises? Is it the computer engineer who enjoys tinkering with circuit boards or the IT specialist who is never happier than when setting up networks? By no means.

Franchising doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re experienced in doing the day-to-day tasks that make up the services offered. Few IT business solution franchises require franchisees to have experience in technology industries or computer support. In fact, they’re not looking for computer experts but rather are searching for management potential and for franchisees who can successfully manage a business. This is a trend to watch for when looking for a franchise. If you already have a strong skillset, you might choose a franchise where your expertise can be valuable, but you don’t have to be able to perform the basic service provision in order to succeed with a franchise.

The IT franchisee’s job isn’t to go out and repair computers but to make sure that the staff members who do so are doing a good job and that the business’s numbers are well into the black. As a franchisee, your primary job is to build and maintain a successful business and since it’s also your goal as a business owner, it’s a match.

Computer franchises have a wide range of requirements when it comes to total investment, support, and approaches to IT problems. Conventional IT helpdesk support like Nerd Force IT and Fast-tek  provide assistance to businesses and individuals when things go wrong. CM IT Solutions offers proactive productivity services for small businesses. Geeks on Call offers primarily third party contract services. You might choose among these on the basis of the market for the various services in your region.

If you don’t have the net worth required for some of the more expensive options, Friendly Computers is a lower cost home-based startup with full financing available to those with good credit. In this area as in other fields, there’s something for everyone.

As with all franchises, doing your due diligence is the most important thing you can do on top of looking for franchises that use your strengths. If management skills are among your strengths, you might be able to step a bit outside your comfort zone when it comes to the specific services you offer.

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