Buying a Franchise, Focus on Just One Franchise

Just One Franchise: TCBY and Mrs. Fields

FamousBrandsJust one franchise… but isn’t that two? In fact, TCBY and Mrs. Fields are both franchise business opportunities from Famous Brands International. For a limited time, they’re offering a Dual Brand Concept that lets you offer both warm, chewy cookies and cool, sweet frozen yogurt for the same investment.

TCBY has been scooping for 30 years, and they’ve kept up with the trends. They’re now offering almond milk frozen yogurt, gluten free treats, and trendy flavors like Japanese Black Sesame, as well as a self-serve business model.

Mrs. Fields  was founded by Debbi Fields (Mrs. Randall Fields) in 1977, and has been wafting sweet scents through airports and malls as well as in traditional stores ever since. Now, Mrs. Fields cookies can be found in theme parks, bus stations, casinos, stadiums, grocery stores, and Big Box stores. They have promotional partnerships with major league sports teams and online catalogs. 10 million mail order catalogs are sent out each year, too — a demand-generating move that independent businesses can’t expect to match.

Now franchisees can combine these two proven winners, along with gift packages of customizable cookies, in a single location and with a single franchise investment. The parent company wants to see 50 of these Dual Brand Concept stores in place, so the offer won’t last indefinitely.

While it’s available, though, it offers some significant advantages. Not only are there three proven income streams, but the products in the combo are associated with different times of day, different seasons, and different target markets. One is identified with health-conscious consumers and the other is a classic indulgence. One must be eaten quickly, usually on the premises, and the other is available for future gifting and even shipping. Even so, they make a great pairing, and many customers who come in for one of the options may leave with both.

The duo offers national name recognition as well as exceptional support. Franchisees receive eight days of intensive training at Famous Brands University. The franchisor provides support in identifying and choosing a suitable site, a construction and store opening team to help with building out the store and getting ready for opening day, and a marketing plan for a successful business launch. While some of this initial assistance is accomplished remotely, a franchisor representative visits the site at least once during construction and before the store opens, to make sure everything is ready.

There is an eLearning platform which franchisees can always access, along with support teams that visit the franchise location to provide ongoing coaching. Both brands have modern websites with prominent  store locators that encourage visits to franchises, along with web pages for each individual franchise. TCBY has loyalty cards and printable coupons, and both brands offer seasonal promotions. Nationwide marketing is supported by pooled marketing funds from all franchisees.

Famous Brands also offers franchisees help with financing. They do not provide franchising in-house, but they have multiple financing partners, including traditional banks. There is also a special program for veterans.

TCBY is always a good franchise business opportunity, but the current offer to get a free Mrs. Fields franchise with a TCBY investment is too good to pass up. Visit their page for more information.

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