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What’s on the New Franchises Page?

Are there really any new franchise business ideas? It seems as though there’s a franchise — or twelve — for every possible business idea. What could be new enough to hit our New Franchises page?

A new idea. Sometimes it really is a new franchise business idea, like Social Media 1st. Just a few years ago, there were no social media franchises because there was little social media and it wasn’t being used for business as widely as it is now. Now, businesses often need social media support, and franchisees can help them out. Social Media 1st is an executive and sales franchise, so you don’t have to know about social media yourself to succeed with the franchise. Ambit Energy is another example of a really new idea: industry has used energy consultants for some time, but private energy consulting is just showing up on people’s radar. Read more about Getting in on the Ground Floor.

New to us. 7-Eleven is hardly a new franchise, but we haven’t listed them before. We’re pleased to welcome them to our franchise family, and we figure one great way to welcome them is to put them on our New Franchise page where our regular visitors will notice them. If you come back often to see what’s new, as many people do throughout their franchise business search, the New Franchises page is a great starting point. You can see what’s new first, and then move on to the other options you’re considering.

A new take on an established idea. Vending machines are not new, and the parent company of Grow Vending has been building vending machines since 1931. So what’s new? They help you identify a location for a healthy snack vending service, and then supply the ideal vending machine for that location — the right footprint, the right selection, and the right kind of equipment. Since healthy snacks are the focus, Grow is good for hospitals, schools, and museums as well as more common spaces. Often the options on our New Franchises page have an innovative approach to an idea that has already proven itself.

A new emphasis on expansion. Global Garage is a top garage refinishing and coating company. Like many of the business opportunities on the New Franchise page, Global Garage is an established business which is ready to expand. Sometimes the businesses are established but they’re just beginning to franchise, and sometimes they’re looking to bring the opportunity to new regions. Sometimes they just haven’t been ready to take on new franchisees for a while and now they’re ready.

Maybe you come to Americas Best Franchises for good advice and the latest news on franchises. Maybe you come to dream of the franchise business you’re working toward — getting motivation to keep saving and learning so you’ll be ready when the time comes. Whatever reason brings you here, stop by our New Franchises page and see what’s new! We add new listings almost every day, so you’ll find something new and exciting each time you visit.

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