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new-arrivalsAmerica’s Best Franchises offers the best franchise business opportunities, and that includes our New Franchises for Sale section. What will you find at our New Franchise page?

  • Franchises that are new. Starting with a franchise early on and growing with them gives some tremendous opportunities, and a tremendous level of satisfaction, too. Getting in on the ground floor of a new venture can be rewarding financially, too.
  • Franchises that are new to us. Some of the franchise business opportunities on the New Franchises page are well established companies that have just found America’s Best Franchises. We keep our listings up to date by adding new opportunities all the time

At America’s Best Franchises, we list hundreds of franchise business opportunities. You can approach them in a number of different ways. If you know the franchise you want by name, use our A-Z listing and find the precise franchisor you want.

Not sure? There are other options. PayPerLead_screenshot2

First, you can use filters to search for just the kind of opportunity you have in mind. You can choose a specific industry, the location that best suits you, and choose the size of investment you want to make. If you know that you want a restaurant in Grand Rapids with no more than a $100,000 investment or a child-oriented service in Kentucky requiring less than $10,000, this option will show you only the business opportunities that meet those criteria.

If we don’t have a listing that suits you exactly today, you won’t see any options. You might at that point want to filter just by location and see what’s available in your area. Even if you had one industry in mind, there might be other choices that will appeal to you just as much.

If your mind is made up and you don’t want to consider any other possibilities, you can come back and repeat your search in a week or two and you may find precisely what you want.

You can also browse, either reading through all the choices or browsing by specific criteria. So you could look just at restaurants and browse through all the options, or you could examine all the possibilities in your price range. Our Industry listings include choices like restaurants and vending machine businesses, but they also include listings that are especially well suited to women or the veterans, businesses that are great for retirees and green businesses. Browsing in this way can open your eyes to possibilities you might not already have considered.

As you add franchise opportunities to your information request list, our special Franchise Bullseye system will offer you related opportunities you might have missed. The franchisors will send you all the information you need to evaluate the various opportunities and determine your best bet.

Finally, you can start your journey at the New Franchises page. If you visit regularly, the New Franchise page is a great starting point. You can find new opportunities every week — often there are several new opportunities each day. Starting your visit at the New Franchises page lets you easily see what’s new.

Our goal is to help you find your perfect franchise business opportunity as easily as possible.

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