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Service Franchise Business Opportunities

Increasingly, businesses in the U.S. are moving toward services, not goods. Many things that we used to buy as goods, such as music, newspapers, and movies, we now consume as services instead. We’re more willing to pay for services, too. Whether it’s a spray-on tan or financial counseling, Americans buy more services now than we did a decade or two ago. Forget good old American self-sufficiency – people in the U.S. are paying to be taken care of more now than we have since the beginning of automation.

How do you know if you’re suited to a service business?

The most obvious sign is that you love to help people. If you find that the satisfaction in your job is the opportunity to help and serve others, a service business is a natural fit. Many service franchises give franchisees the chance to manage the services rather than providing them directly, while other service-oriented franchise businesses let franchisees get hands-on with their clients.

What kind of service business is right for you?

Some service businesses provide direct physical help to customers. Spa services, personal training, and franchise businesses that care for seniors, kids, or pets are examples of these.

Other services focus on coaching, from life coaching to business coaching to financial coaching. These businesses involve consulting rather than hands-on service provision. Services like personal shopping and weight control counseling can also fall into this category.

The third category of service businesses includes companies that provide home renovation, cleaning services, home energy audits, and the like. These companies still provide services, but the services are not as personal and may be focused on customer’s homes or possessions rather than family members.

Here are just a few of our service franchise business opportunities:

• Prime National Credit Repair
Prime National Credit Repair encourages franchisees who can develop relationships with clients and provide consulting, while the home office provides the technical services. Franchisees have the opportunity to help people who need to get their financial houses in order, without requiring any special experience or training.
• Focal Point Coaching
Business coaching is a booming business, and Focal Point is an international company with proprietary coaching materials and intensive training. Focal Point franchisees work with small and medium businesses, including professionals and entrepreneurs. Since Focal Point offers coaching materials in 18 languages, bilingual franchisees can have special niche success.
Comfort Keepers
In-home health care is increasingly important for our aging population. Many seniors live far from family members and prefer to stay in their own homes. Comfort Keepers makes it possible. From companions to personal services such as hygiene and mobility to specialized dementia care, Comfort Keepers helps seniors and their caregivers.
• College Nannies and Tutors
This innovative service franchise connects college students with families need nannies and tutors. The kids feel like they have a new big sister or brother, families have the confidence of carefully-vetted students, and franchisees have a steady stream of willing workers. College Nannies and Tutors is a cash-based business with the potential for part time or remote management.

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