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Just One Franchise: @Work Medical Staffing

medical staffing franchiseProfit margins at medical companies are under a lot of scrutiny as the healthcare industry undergoes significant changes. At the same time, medical facilities are having to cope with industry-specific issues like high turnover, lack of administrative training, and high levels of stress.

Medical staffing is already important, even without the looming changes in healthcare, because of the high demand for medical staff, including nurses, physical therapists, medical transcriptionists, and office and billing staff. Staffing firms serve companies that need medical workers by eliminating the search process and delivering workers that fit the company’s needs when they’re needed. such as when a hospital is scrambling for nurses and existing staff is overworked to the point of non-compliance with regulations. Staffing firms that have qualified workers ready to fill positions can take advantage of these immediate needs.

After over twenty years in business, the franchisor staff at @Work Medical Staffing have become experts on starting a medical staffing business. They know how to recruit and screen reliable workers. The training and support from @Work allows franchisees with little experience in the staffing industry to take on that expertise as their own and develop successful medical staffing businesses. Franchisees receive one-on-one training with @Work staff members who have over 100 combined years of experience in staffing. During training, @Work franchisees go from inexperienced business owners to Certified Staffing Professionals through the American Staffing Association.

But the brain trust doesn’t stop with corporate staff. The @Work model creates a cooperative group of staffing firms that help each other do business better in their offices around the country. A smarter approach to territories allows @Work franchisees to help each other and grow the business together instead of operating independently and competing with each other. The idea behind this is the @Work brand benefits as a whole when all franchisees are doing well, leading to better name recognition and respect for all franchisees that increases business overall.

For businesses looking to get a head start, there’s nothing better than having resources to depend on and a group of people with different experiences to give problem-specific advice in an industry that has immediate needs. One example of an issue that @Work staffing franchisees solved together was reliability—since workers aren’t working under the staffing firm’s direct supervision, it becomes easier to abuse time clocks and take advantage of staffing firms and their clients. By using biometric time clocks, @Work solved this problem and increased reliability of workers for clients. Since this was a common problem that more than one @Work franchisee was experiencing, they integrated the technology into the franchise. Now, it’s a standard part of the business model that clients love.

Now that the medical industry is undergoing significant changes, reliable workers provided on short notice are likely to become even more important to medical businesses and healthcare providers. If you’re interested in running a successful staffing firm, consider @Work Medical Staffing as an option in your franchise search.

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