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The Best Places to Advertise a New Franchise

One of the most exciting decisions you’ll make in your life is to buy a franchise. Still, the uncertainty can be terrifying. Will you have enough customers? How will you grow your business? Will you succeed?

Owning a franchise makes it easier to have confidence opening your doors. You’re already backed by a proven business model and you have the support of a corporation who can guide you along the way. The tricky part comes to tapping into your local community and building awareness about your new business being open.

That’s where advertising comes in.

Here are some of the best places to advertise a new franchise so you can tap into the market and draw a crowd through your doors.

The Best Places to Advertise a New Franchise

In the Local Paper

Do you have a newspaper that goes out locally to all of the residents? This might be a good time for you to look into advertising.

Local papers tend to get read more by the community. They are filled with information about what’s happening in your area, so the people you serve are more likely to notice your advertisement.

The paper is also more likely to notice your advertisement. Some publications will go the extra mile to share your story in the form of an article with the local community. This can work wonders for spreading the word about your opening.

On Facebook

If you’re targeting a very specific region (and most franchises are), you can use Facebook’s platform to narrow your advertising reach. To do this, you must first have a business page. This is different than a personal profile. Then, while setting up your advertisement, you can narrow your audience to people only in your geographic area.

Billions of people are already on Facebook. Most users scroll through every day to check out what’s happening around town. Choose the option to have your advertisement show up in the newsfeed itself instead of on the side bar (which tends to be slightly less effective). This way, you’ll already have a captive audience to see your advertisement.

On Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are taking the world by storm. More people are spending time on their smartphones and tablets than they are on their desktop computer. Advertising in apps is a great way to get found by people in your area.

Most mobile advertising platforms make it easy for you to use location-based technology to distinguish who sees your advertisement in an app. That means when someone is driving by your business or shopping in your area, your ad is more likely to appear, prompting the person to stop and buy from you.

Ready to Advertise?

Advertising a franchise means letting the people around you know you’re open for business. By using a mixture of traditional and modern media, you’ll have a wider reach, making your advertising efforts more effective.

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