Buying a Franchise

Top 10 Unusual Franchises

Franchise business opportunities are based on successful business systems that are already making money for people, often in hundreds of locations across the country. It’s logical that they are usually designed to deliver goods and services that lots of people want.

But there are some unusual franchises out there. Here are some things that you might be surprised you can do as a franchisee:

  1. Paint lines in parking lots. There are lots of parking lots across the nation, and they need lines. Not only is this a big, tedious job, but it’s not a question of decoration or self expression: having the lines right can save lives. Specialty painters are needed for this job, and more than one franchise is hiring out crews to take care of this job.
  2. Matchmaking. While online dating services get the headlines, there are still people who’d rather work things out face to face. And there are franchise matchmaking services to help them.
  3. Neutralize bedbugs. Bedbugs are back, with infestations connected with used furniture and fewer housewives at home vacuuming daily. At least one franchise brings in special equipment to end the problem in the privacy of customers’ own homes.
  4. Kill mosquitoes. It doesn’t take many mosquitoes to ruin a picnic or even a party on the deck. Mosquito treatments keep homeowners’ summer entertaining fun.
  5. Detail ovens. Name the household job that gets done last by busy people. If you said it was washing windows, you’re on the right track, but it’s actually cleaning the oven. If your self-cleaning oven doesn’t seem to be doing its job, you might hire an oven detailing company. Maybe your mom and mother in law will both be peering into your oven over the holidays, or maybe you’re selling your home with the appliances included. Franchises do this job just the way they wash windows and clean carpets.
  6. Inspecting pipes via video. A special video system lets homeowners check out their pipes for blockage, and it might save them from having to call in the plumbers. If they still have to call in the plumbers, it can save them a lot of high-priced hours.
  7. Clean up crime scenes. When you see crime scenes on TV, you don’t usually see people cleaning them up. Since there’s often a question of decontamination, this is a special job that requires special tools. Franchises that special in this kind of cleaning can charge a lot more than those that provide ordinary janitorial work.
  8. Serve people cereal. It’s the great frontier of fast food: cereal cafés. There are franchises that serve cereal in a bowl with milk or with yogurt as a parfait. Find them in airports and other places where people cant get home and yet want a true modern home-style breakfast.
  9. Cure hangovers. There is at least one franchise business that treats hangovers. They send out mobile units with hangover treatments and IV devices, helping sadder but wiser party-goers get ready for work (or the wedding) the morning after.
  10. Pick up dog poop. Fastidious homeowners don’t want their dogs’ droppings on the lawn, and they also don’t want to pick them up. The solution? Call pooper scooper franchises and have someone else take care of it.
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