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Just One Franchise: Wholesome Tummies

Remember your school cafeteria? Divided plastic trays, Jell-O squares, and mystery meat make up a big part of school memories for many of us. Things have changed, though. Parents want their kids to have healthier, fresher options but have less time to pack lunches at home. Administrators face financial challenges and regulations from Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010. Kids need nutritious food to do well in school,  Wholesome Tummies is a franchise looking to change that with easy school lunch programs for children of all ages in all kinds of schools. With ten locations nationwide, Wholesome Tummies is aiming for growth to help bring healthy, nutritious lunch options to children everywhere.

They’re certainly not alone. With the Let’s Move! Campaign from the White House to education efforts focusing on the value of healthy food in schools, school lunch has become a center of attention recently and for good reason. Many school lunch options are high in fat, are pre-made, frozen, or fried and don’t have the nutritional value that growing bodies and minds need. While more stringent regulations are in place to help schools better administer their school lunch programs, it’s time consuming if education is your focus. Schools are struggling everywhere to make food healthy and appealing to their students.

Wholesome Tummies works with schools, preschools, senior centers, hospitals, and other institutions directly to improve the quality of food available in these challenging environments. Parents and other end consumers can order and pay online and the partner institutions benefit from the opportunity to outsource this time-consuming part of their work, so Wholesome Tummies offers convenience as well as quality.

Wholesome Tummies has created an infographic showing the importance of wholesome food for kids. You can tell that this franchise business opportunity is an expression of a passion to make a difference.

Wholesome Tummies franchisees are hard working entrepreneurs who are plugged into their communities, have prior management experience, and who believe in the value of healthy school lunches for children. Net worth requirements are set at $250,000 and minimum cash requirements at $40,000 and up. Franchisees can expect to invest anywhere between $77,000 and $115,000, depending on their program needs. Franchisees receive standout training and support.

Training is an intense, extensive two-week session with the owner and up to two other staff members from the franchise and covers everything from marketing, sales, and management to culinary skills to get the job done. With three members of the franchise staff in attendance training other staff members is easier and more consistent among franchisees. Add in webinars, phone calls, conferences and other ongoing support, and franchisees have all the tools for success available to them from the start.

If you believe that children should be fueled with real food with good ingredients instead of highly processed junk and what to be part of the growing tide with parents, consider a Wholesome Tummies franchise. Franchisees are saying great things about making a difference in the lives of children in their communities and you could be too.

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