Choosing the Right Franchise

Why Does Your Personality Matter In Franchising?

Personality-imageThis is a question that absolutely needs to be asked when selecting a franchise.  If you buy a franchise or a business that doesn’t utilize your personality well you will quickly become unhappy with it.  You won’t work hard at it and ultimately the business will either fail or it just won’t reach its’ potential.  On the other hand if you find one that suits your personality well you will most likely enjoy it, work hard at it, and succeed.  Understandably it is in the best interest of both the Franchisee and the Franchisor to have people who have a good personality fit for the franchise. 

How do I determine my personality and which business is right for me?

This is a harder question due to the fact that everyone has small amounts of all the different personality types and it’s hard to know exactly what you are.  When characterizing personality types we are looking for the dominant traits.  There are thousands of books on this subject as well as many tests such as the Myers Briggs and DiSC personality tests.  These tests can give you a world of understanding of your personality.  It is also involves the profession of Psychology. 

In small businesses we have limited resources.  So, you can’t fit into exactly one type of role.  We have be the “jack of all trades” or as is true of the restaurant business you’re “the bookkeeper, dishwasher, waiter, and the cook.”  However, there are two areas of real focus in small businesses.  Sales and operations.  You should focus on the side that best suits your personality and hire someone else to do the side that isn’t as well suited to your personality.

Below is a very simple test to help you identify the side you should be on.  Pick the column of words that best suits your personality.  There will be words that are out of place and don’t make sense but just do your best and decide which column is the closest fit for you. 

If you picked one of the two columns on the left you should be on the sales and marketing side of business and should hire someone to do the operations.  If you picked one of the two columns on the right side you should be on the operations side and hire someone to do the sales and marketing.  If you picked the middle column you have to be careful.  This personality type can very often be dissatisfied in a franchise system and should take much more care before deciding what is going to be the best fit for them.

Impatient         Fun Loving           Original                    Detail Oriented              Studious           

Decisive          Likes People        Outlandish                Tidy                                Thin

Persistent        Playful                  Misunderstood          Neat                               Security Conscious

Exciting             Well Liked           Quirky                        On Time                        Soft Spoken

Driver                Gregarious         Different                     Object Oriented            Shy

I hope this helps and saves both franchisees and franchisors from having franchisees who are in the wrong type of business for their personality.

About Global Garage Flooring:

Global Garage Flooring & Design  was founded in Denver, CO in 2005.  This unique and proven franchise concept uses patented, proprietary products that are superior to the industry standard and make it possible for franchisees to complete a garage re-finish in only one day.

Lance Jensen, CEO, is an experienced franchise professional looking for qualified franchisees throughout the United States.


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