Choosing the Right Franchise

Why YOU Should Own Your Own Business

I have been self-employeed for more than 20 years. In each of those 20+ years, as an owner of a business, I truly had no idea what each year would bring in the way of financial success, peace of mind, security, or whatever emotional well-being I was searching for. What I did know, is that I wasn’t going to have a guaranteed salary to look forward to every month or a dedicated personal savings plan, or even a boss that would pat me on the back for a job well done. They’re are simply no guarantees when it comes to owning your own business. So, what is it, then, that inspires entrepreneurs to want to be their own boss.

Why Own Your Own Business

I have experienced being an employee in some pretty glamorous fields of endeavor. In each case, in the beginning, I was content and happy to be chosen to represent such a well-known entity. I received awards and accolades for my performance and was well paid. I won trips all around the world and received bonuses and great benefits.

Even so, as time passed, I knew there was something missing in my business life. I wasn’t satisfied. I yearned for something more. I have read so many books that say happiness is loving what you do every day. Waking up with a spring in your step, excited to go to work. I wasn’t feeling that every day, despite my success. I knew to achieve that, I had to make a clean break. Walk away from the security I felt in my job, walk away from a salary and benefits and those great business trips. At 40+ years old, doing so would come at a big risk. I could fail, and then where would I be?

Owning a Franchise Business Isn’t For Everyone

What I will tell you is that as a business owner, you will feel a sense of pride and passion that you’ve never felt before. When you buy a house, it feels great. But a house is passive. Your house doesn’t necessarily have an impact on your day or your week or even your future. What you do in your business, by the minute or hour or day or week or year, will have an impact on your future. You’re forced to make choices every day. Who do you hire to represent your business? Do you invest in new technology to help the efficiency of your business? What franchise do you buy? What location do you choose? Where do you get your funding? All of these questions have a solution that you will have to make. Your choices have consequences. If you don’t make a smart choice your business could fail.

Succeeding as a Business Owner

Succeeding is what it is all about. Suddenly, you will realize that you have been making all the right choices. That single unit franchise you bought is producing cash flow. Enough cash flow that you can buy a second unit or even a third or more. You’re an entrepreneur who can successfully own and operate a business.

When you wake up in the morning you cannot wait to get to your office or your retail store or your plant or restaurant. When you put your key in the door and it opens for you, you know you are entering YOUR business. The business you bought and started with one employee now has 30 employees. Suddenly, you realize that because of your efforts, you are feeding and supporting not just your employees, but their families as well. You are helping put children through school and helping them buy the house they have always wanted. It is you that made that happen.

You are an entrepreneur and you are more proud of that than anything you have ever done. My heart goes out to each and every one of you. I know how hard it is to succeed and I know you survived many bumps in the road. You are a blessed individual to be able to say, I own my own business. I’m an Entrepreneur!

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