Why Is It That Jimmy John’s Franchisees Are So Successful?

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If you’re unfamiliar with Jimmy John’s it is a restaurant franchise that features gourmet deli sandwiches, fresh baked breads and ancillary other food and beverage products.

Jimmy John’s started back in 1983 when 19-year-old Jimmy John Liautaud opened his first sandwich shop in Charleston, Illinois. His dad was his partner, so he split the profit with him and, after two years, he bought out his dad and the business was all his. Ten years later, Jimmy had 10 stores, and in 1994, he began selling franchises to other entrepreneurs. With over 2,800 stores in 43 states and 98% of them franchise owned, we are just rounding first base!

To own a Jimmy John’s Restaurant, your looking at a total investment of $313,600 to $556,100, depending on the size and location and includes initial real estate lease costs and a franchise fee of $35,000. In actuality, candidates will need $200,000 in either cash, marketable securities, stocks, etc. None of the funds can be borrowed. Further, you’ll need a net worth of $1,000,000 to qualify.

You should know that Jimmy John’s has certain “other fees” that might be important to aspiring franchise owners.

Royalty Fees are 6% of the Restaurant’s weekly Gross Sales. They’re due on Wednesday of each week. Gross Sales, basically means all revenue from operating the Restaurant.

There’s also an Advertising and Development Fund that charges up to 4.5% of your Restaurant’s weekly Gross Sales and Cooperative Advertising Programs that can be as high as 2% of Gross Sales.

So, the given here is that owning a JIMMY JOHN’S Restaurant is not cheap and the ongoing fees will give you pause. So, Why Is It That JIMMY JOHN’S franchisees are so successful?

Why Jimmy John’s

No soups, no hot sandwiches, no salads. Just sandwiches. Our track record is best in class. Our system works for Jimmy John’s franchise owners, their teams and customers. We’ve been doing this for over 36 years. We’re one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in America. Most importantly, people love our food! Over 2,800 units strong and lots of room to grow.

  • We Define Fresh – Our all-natural meats* and vegetables are hand sliced in-house every day. Our fresh baked bread is baked all day, every day. Fresh food from scratch. Has been since 1983.
  • Fast – We spend 6 hours slicing and baking every day to make 30-second sandwiches for our customers. With the prep behind us, our system is designed for fast, flawless execution.
  • Simple – Limited, focused inventory – what could be easier? Everything about Jimmy John’s is about keeping it simple. No BS, no gimmicks. We have a very disciplined product, menu, and system. No one else is as efficient, effective, or consistent as we are in delivering a fresh-made meal for under $20.
  • High Performers – At Jimmy John’s, we want to be the best. We all do whatever it takes to get the job done. That’s why we are so selective in this process. Not everyone is wired the same way. We’re looking for Jimmy John’s franchise owners who want to be the best!

The 3 Key Components of the Jimmy John’s Brand:

1. Keep it Simple. From inventory, to menus to marketing to managment. It’s all about making gourmet sandwiches.Don’t muddy the waters with anything complex.

2. We know we make gourmet sandwiches that people want. Our food is in high demand by all age groups. We deliver a really good sandwich every time. Our customers who comeback time and time again know that. They trust JIMMY JOHN’S to deliver. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

3. We make it happen. We started JIMMY JOHN’S from a garage and turned it into a recognizable franchise brand with more than 2,000 franchised units. We have a passion for our business, for our food and for our customers. Our goal from day one, was to make the world’s greatest gourmet sandwiches. We’ll continue to do that.

The numbers and franchisee performance speak for themselves with this franchise. If I’m interested in buying a Restaurant Franchise, I can assure you, I would be interested in owning a JIMMY JOHN’S franchise.

To Request Franchise Information about owning a JIMMY JOHN’S Restaurant CLICK HERE.

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