1-800 Radiator & A/C

1-800 Radiator Franchise

1-800-RADIATOR & A/C franchise model offers a unique blend of big business technology and buying power while maintaining the personalized touch of locally owned and operated businesses. This integration provides a superior solution for the automotive aftermarket parts industry, ensuring customers receive high-quality products and services tailored to their specific needs.

1-800 Radiator & A/C Franchise Overview

The 1-800 Radiator & A/C franchisee has on average 1,000 automotive type businesses as its primary customers; including parts stores, repair shops, body/collision shops, new and used car dealers, junk yards, and radiator repair shops. A fully integrated proprietary software system gives franchisees a strong competitive advantage over local competitors in their market.


  • Contains algorithms which produce superior breadth and quality of inventory.
  • Allows sourcing from over one hundred major manufacturers. Purchasing system drives down vendor cost allowing franchises to always be competitively priced in the market.
  • Helps fine tune each and every market to have a unique inventory.
  • Makes sure the exact part is almost always on hand at the franchisee’s warehouse to provide hot shot deliveries to customers often within 1 to 2 hours.
  • Contains a “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) feature providing superior marketing formulas.
  • The CRM automatically tracks every phone call, in-person sales visit, mailer, comment, and sale made to each of the customers in their territory.
  • Constantly analyzes the data in order to give the franchisee efficient direction on where to focus next with marketing efforts.
  • Provides instant up-to-date information on profitability, sales performance and employee productivity.

1-800 Radiator Franchise


  • Inventory – Always having the correct parts in stock when a customer calls will create long lasting customer relationships. When auto repair shops call for parts they typically buy from whomever has the part available that day at the best price. 1-800 Radiator & A/C’s cutting edge technology offers definitive advantages over competitors to execute this effort.
  • Fast Delivery – Having the part on the shelf when the customer calls over 90% of the time allows 1-800 Radiator & A/C to offer superior same day delivery compared to the competition. While most competitors will stock only the top movers and therefore will be out of stock 70% of the time, the network has these parts on hand ready to be delivered to customers.
  • Sales & Marketing – Our system provides data that highlights which local auto repair shops should be targets for a sales call or a personal visit. These timely customer contacts provide a competitive advantage over competitors who do not have sophisticated systems to track the same customers. Giving our franchisee superior visibility into their market allows them to build their market share and grow their sales.
  • New Products – We’re not just radiators and air conditioning parts! New product line development is something we find imperative to success and we have expanded into fuel, exhaust, heavy duty, and more. The addition of new products lead to vertical expansion through the existing customer base that consists of a robust, loyal group of customers who are already buying from us. New products will continue to be developed which allows our franchisees the opportunity to continue growing their business.
  • Acquisitions – Another key factor to franchisee growth has been the internal development of sophisticated tools to identify, evaluate, and integrate acquired competitors into the network. Since the year 2000 over $65 million in competitor revenue has been added to franchisee’s sales. On the day an acquisition is completed, the competitor’s location is usually closed, and the phone numbers of the competitor are then transferred to the closest franchisee’s location. These acquisitions can range in size from single unit buy outs to much larger multi-unit deals.

1-800 Radiator & A/C FranchiseSUPPORT

1-800 Radiator & A/C offers unparalled franchise support with a dedicated corporate staff to assist you when needed. As a new franchisee you will receive in depth training on how the market works and how to foster a lasting and profitable relationship with customers. You will learn about the 1-800 Radiator & A/C lifetime guarantee, our industry leading computer system, and how to grow your territory quickly and efficiently. After you enter the network support from 1-800 Radiator & A/C is at your disposal as you will have an Account Manager there to assist you along the way.


The question we hear the most is: “Are franchisees required to have an automotive background?” No, our system is designed for anyone, so knowledge of automotive parts and vehicles isn’t necessary to be successful! The ideal 1-800 Radiator & A/C owner is highly motivated, ambitious, and utilizes regular marketing to add to the success of their business. But don’t worry, 1-800 Radiator & A/C provides in-depth data and marketing tools to ensure that.

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