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1Heart Franchise

The 1Heart franchise opportunity is the vehicle that can help drive the success of your senior care journey. With low start-up costs, several available prime territories, hands-on coaching with extensive training, and dedicated support, your homecare franchise is prepared for growth from the beginning.

1Heart Franchise Opportunity

Build your own business and start working towards achieving your personal life goals. Believe you can.

Formula For Success

  • Trustworthy & Recognized Brand – 1Heart Caregiver Services has been providing private care services for seniors since 2003. With over 15 years of reliability and 90 years combined experience in healthcare and business management, we’ve garnered exclusive territories in the CA area and beyond. In 2015, we began offering homecare franchise opportunities.
  • Initial and Ongoing Support Network – We do everything in our power to prepare your franchise for ultimate success. Aside from general industry insight, 1Heart also provides marketing, sales, business development, accounting and staffing support when needed. Ask your dedicated franchise consulting agent for guidance when you need it most!
  • Effective and Unique Training Programs – Passion for the homecare industry goes a long way, but experience matters more. Our experts are here to back you up. We’ll support your journey with assistance obtaining your homecare license, and we’ll provide up-to-date training through the 1Heart Business Academy to ensure your franchise flourishes.

1Heart Caregiver Services Franchise

E2 Visa

If you dream of moving to the United States and starting your own company, one of the best ways to accomplish this is to own a franchise business. Rather than creating a brand-new company, you can join the successful model of the 1Heart Caregiver brand by opening a franchise with an E2 visa.

Benefits of having an E2 Visa:

  • When you start a franchise with an E2 visa, the immigration officials will view an established franchise business or brand more favorably than an unknown or new business.
  • By investing in a franchise, E2 franchise visa holders can immediately provide much of the required processing paperwork, such as business plans, forecasts, and operational manuals to the authorities. This creates many more franchise financing options, as creating this on your own could cost thousands.
  • You can live in the United States only if your business is profitable and employs US workers. However, you can also employ family members to create a true family business you will be proud to hand down to the next generation. Plus, joining a proven, established franchise with your E2 visa is more likely to succeed than a brand-new start-up business.

1Heart Franchise

Ideal Candidate

What is needed to be a business owner most of all is heart. That’s true for any business, and your passion and drive are the lead indicators of a successful entrepreneurial venture. You will need this even more at 1Heart since you won’t just be balancing numbers, but instead will be helping to manage the daily lives of seniors who need your help.

Along with your sense of compassion, we look for a few other things when we evaluate potential partners.

  • The financial stability to create a service their customers can count on to be there, including an initial investment of up to $88,110 – $127,160 (this includes the $47,500 franchise fee)
  • The ability to obtain and maintain a business license in your franchise territory
  • Capable of being in compliance with Federal and State home care licensing requirements
  • A dedication to learning and growing within the home care industry and the communities you serve
  • Basic business acumen, along with strong sales and customer service abilities.
  • A background in medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or medical equipment is desirable, but not required.
  • Most importantly, a heart for seniors

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