ACFN ATM Franchise

ACFN - The ATM Franchise Business

ACFN, the ATM franchise offers a very simple business model for those looking for an Additional Income working only a few hours a week.

Here is how it works:

ACFN: Researches & finds qualified locations in your area
YOU: Review and approve the leads
ACFN: Obtains the contracts for the placement of your ATMs.
YOU: Own & operate your ATM network investing a few hours a week.

Largest Provider of ATMs to Hotels in the US

  • Get paid from every transaction at every one of your ATMs
  • Part time business scalable to full time
  • Deploying ATMs since 1996 and franchised in 2003
  • No Overhead, No Employees, No Selling
  • Manage Your Business From Home or any mobile device
  • Make Your Own Flexible Schedule
  • Low Cost, High Return Business Opportunity
  • Ranked #1 Franchise in category by the prestigious Entrepreneur Franchise 500 four years running
  • No prior ATM or business experience is needed – We hold you by the hand and build your business together
  • Veteran discount & 401K qualified
  • Minimum capital required to start $60K

New franchisee joining ACFN every 11 days*
*Average 1/1/2014 – 12/31/2015

250+ ACFN franchisees love their ATM Business because it requires no selling, has no overheads and it is easy to scale without having to invest in costly marketing and employees.


“I attended training on November 20th 2013 and by the end of this month, July 2014, I will have a total of thirteen ATMs in operation (seven via acquisitions and six organic/corporate leads). My goal was to have ten ATMs by the end of the year so I am more than happy with the growth thus far. I have followed the system to the letter!”

Steven A.


“My first location was installed about March 15, 2012, and I have organically grown since then to 18 locations. My best locations are Convenient Stores, Tag Offices or DMV, I have 1 Truck Stop that is cash only, 1 Hospital, 1 Motel, and the rest are Sports Bars, Restaurants, or Clubs. I am working on my local City Services for new locations such as Animal Control Services (Dog Pound) is cash only and they are building a new facility, so that is a possible ATM location.”

Jerry W.


“Jeff Kerr and the ACFN team have created a well thought out business model with all of the necessary support mechanisms. Personally, I take comfort in the fact that I’m executing a plan that was incredibly successful for Jeff in the past. To be successful now, all I need to do is utilize the umbrella and execute the plan.”

John M.


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