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Alan Phillips, President and founder of AMH Enterprises, Inc. wants to teach you how to run a home based business reselling to the Federal Government. The US Government buys more products than anyone. We will show you how to work with US Government Contracting Officers and tap into a business that will buy the products and resell them to the government. Contracts that have been won by our franchisees range from $500.00 to $1,000,000.

Learn how to sell to the Government!

Tired of letting someone else or the faltering economy control your income? Seems like the only money being spent is by the Federal Government. The budget for parts and spares for the branches of the military appears to increase every year while you and I are trying to get by with less and less.

AMH FranchiseWhy not own your own business selling parts and spares to the military?

It’s not just the military either! All 50 states and local cities and counties put commodities and services out for bid. The fact is that the government and government entities like cities and counties buy things, all kinds of things. In most cases the lowest bidder wins the contract to provide the goods or services. You can have your own business selling parts and services from your computer.

What’s involved in owning a AMH Enterprises government reselling franchise?

We provide a complete BUSINESS & SALES training system and support for our franchisees! We train you how to run a sussessful business. We train on how to engage with Government buyers, how to locate opportunities, where, how to find unusual items the government typically purchases and how to negotiate in different purchasing situations. We provide the training and on going help.

  • You provide the desire to change your current situation.
  • No inventory to store.
  • Minimal overhead.
  • You control your income.
  • No purchasing experience necessary.

AMH Enterprises Reselling Franchise

What is the world of government reselling all about?

In April of 2002 a new concept was being developed in how to create a business selling to the US Federal Government. The concept was to be able to run your company from anywhere you had an internet connection. With a computer, phone, simple bookkeeping system, and the skills to communicate on the phone a person would have the ability to tap into world of Government Reselling. What is Government Reselling? It is taking any request for a product from the federal government agency and finding that product for them. Once you find that product you mark up the price of that product and sell it back to them.

It seems so simple that you would think anyone could succeed in this type of business, but the truth is 90% of the people fail. Why do they fail? Lack of training and know how.

Examples of products that we have provided to the government: 

  • Machined products for Navy, Army, and Air Force
  • Industrial products- Tools, fasteners, pipes, cleaning supple, Haz Mat, etc.
  • Parts for torpedos, tanks, ships, and airplanes
  • Parts for cranes
  • Athletic equipment
  • Lobster
  • Electrical Products

The list goes on but you can see there is a lot to go after.

AMH Enterprises Franchise

What does an AMH Franchise cost?

As a franchisee, you will operate a home base procurement and resale service business, which primarily services the purchasing and procurement needs of buyers at government agencies and large commercial organizations following our system. The total investment to begin operation of an AMH Enterprises franchise starts at $52,200. This includes $35,000 that you must pay to us as for your initial franchise fee.

What is AMH Enterprises, Inc?

AMH Enterprises, Inc. is a franchise model to help people develop a strong government reselling business. 

All of the guess work on how to succeed has been eliminated. AMH has an effective and efficient training program to insure franchisees are successful.  At AMH we are committed to creating a win-win environment for all our franchisees.

Learn about Government Reselling!

“I’ve looked at several franchise opportunities for my business’s clients and found this one to be very low cost with a high likelihood of success. Ad to the fact that government has deep pockets in any market or economy and you come up with a winning franchise that has great potential.”

Ronald Marly

Business Consultant

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