Anchored Tiny Homes

Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise

Anchored Tiny Homes stands out as the sole accessory dwelling unit (ADU) franchise available, uniquely positioned to tackle the pressing housing crisis in the United States. With a focus on innovation and community impact, Anchored Tiny Homes and their dedicated franchise owners are spearheading a movement towards sustainable and affordable housing solutions.


Build ADUs And Transform Lives

Anchored Tiny Homes is the nation’s top stick-built ADU builder with hundreds of completed and active projects in multiple states and growing every day! These ADUs (also called guest houses or granny flats) are helping homeowners earn rental income from their property, or find an affordable option to keep their family close by.

Our model is turnkey, low cost, and gives you the ability to earn an incredible living.

Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise

Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Anchored Tiny Homes is leading the way in revolutionizing the housing industry one tiny home at a time. Joining forces with this pioneering franchise means being part of a mission-driven organization with a vision for positive change in American communities.

If you have been interested in the construction industry or are a general contractor that would live to specialize then becoming an Anchored Tiny Home Franchisee is a great option!


Investing in an Anchored Tiny Homes franchise can be a lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to tap into the growing market of tiny home living. By aligning with a reputable brand like Anchored Tiny Homes, franchisees can benefit from established business practices, marketing support, and a proven business model.

The demand for tiny homes is on the rise as more people seek affordable housing solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. With an Anchored Tiny Homes franchise, you can capitalize on this trend and offer customers a unique and attractive housing option that sets you apart from traditional real estate offerings.

Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise

Franchising with Anchored Tiny Homes provides the advantage of a recognizable brand name, access to industry expertise, ongoing training and support, and the opportunity to be part of a community passionate about innovative living spaces. If you’re considering entering the tiny home market, investing in an Anchored Tiny Homes franchise could be your key to success.

  • Tiny Investment for Massive Financial Returns – Our unique and highly profitable tiny home manufacturer business model starts at only $136,250 for one franchise territory.
  • Full-Service Lead Generation – From the second the tiny home builder franchise is launched, the ATH corporate team will deploy ads, qualify every single lead that comes in, and set all sales appointments. All the Owner has to do is go out to the appointment and close the deal!
  • The Best Unit Economics In Franchising – Our current FDD shows GROSS SALES AT $49M and a Gross Profit of $14M. This is across 10 California franchise territories, which each generated $2.8M OR MORE.
  • Design & Engineering Support – Once the Franchise Owner closes the deal, the corporate ATH team will help recruit and find top talent in the local market as well as assist every step of the way in overseeing successful design, plans, and engineering. Our Tiny House Franchise Owners will have help with all the complex pieces of the business and spend the majority of their time handling permitting and overseeing construction.

With a tiny financial investment for MASSIVE profitability potential, this is a franchise brand you have to take a look at.

Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise


With hundreds of projects and thousands of sales appointments under our belts, you can learn from our successes and our failures to make as many sales as you can as well as create happy customers. Our team will train you and your team on everything you need to do to close sales, fulfill on projects, and make an incredible living for yourself and your family. With full scripts, processes, and procedures we are giving you the handbook to success.


  • Background In Sales – ADU Housing Franchise Owners may not necessarily have experience in the construction industry, but the most successful Owners possess a strong sales background.
  • Management Experience – Owners do well when they have business management experience and are vision driven.
  • Self-Motivated – Franchise Owners need the drive and determination to build a successful tiny home manufacturer business.
  • Community Leader – Owners should be excited about promoting their new tiny house business in the local community to increase the availability of affordable housing.

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