Archadeck Outdoor Living

Archadeck Outdoor Living Franchise

Archadeck is the leading designer and builder of outdoor living spaces in North America. No other firm comes close. We invented the Outdoor Living category and continue to lead the way year after year.  We are the only national brand in outdoor living design and construction, with the most locations, the largest geographic footprint, the most experience, and the largest client base in the industry. No other company can approach the number of outdoor living projects we have designed and built – it’s not even close!

Archadeck Outdoor Living Franchise

You’ll soon discover that your growth potential with Archadeck can be as vast as the great outdoors itself. Since our inception, we have designed and built outdoor living projects for well over 100,000 clients across North America. Our business model is focused on much more than just decks! In fact, decks represent only a portion of the types of projects that are designed and built under the Archadeck Outdoor Living brand. Screened porches, sunrooms, three-season rooms, patios, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, shade structures, pergolas, gazebos and other categories of outdoor living structures are all important parts of our business mix.

Archadeck Franchise

Why Archadeck

  • Our experience – Archadeck is the leading designer and builder of outdoor living spaces in North America. No other firm comes close.

  • Our professionalism – Clients enjoy the courteous and professional way we work with them, which is a huge departure from how most building contractors operate.

  • Our documented process – Building projects is a complex undertaking and clients appreciate our detailed process, which ensures nothing is left to chance.

  • Our outstanding value – While we are very rarely the cheapest option available, our focus on designing and building projects based on meeting the needs of our clients guarantees projects that deliver superior value.

  • Our custom design capabilities – From basic and highly functional designs to more complex and unique projects, our design expertise and 3-D project rendering capabilities ensure our clients can visualize how the project will look in their homes before we ever break ground.

  • Our construction details – Clients appreciate our proven construction standards and detailed building plans, which always meet or exceed local building code requirements, and understand their project will be built to our exacting standards.

  • Our warranty and client protections – Archadeck offers both a written warranty from the local office and an independent third-party guarantee of warranty protection, providing unmatched levels of protection to our clients in an industry that is not known for providing such safeguards.

Archadeck Franchise

The finest training. Outstanding coaching. Unparalleled support

Our franchise training program is called “Archadeck University” and is built around the four key operating systems that comprise our business model:

  • Marketing and lead generation
  • Design, pricing and sales
  • Construction and production management
  • Business and financial management

Training doesn’t stop once you are up and running. During your first year of operation you will receive multiple field visits from Archadeck corporate support team to ensure that you are using the available tools, products and services to good effect and optimizing your chances for long-term growth and success.

If you have good interpersonal skills, a solid work ethic, strong management ability and an appreciation for design and outdoor living, this could be the perfect business for you!

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Archadeck is the right franchise for you.

“The reason I bought an existing franchise versus a starting from scratch is simple…there was a customer base there. That provided a great revenue opportunity right out of the gate. In fact the day that we opened, the day we signed the contract, turned the phones on and they started ringing! So we picked up a lot of service revenue right out of the gate it kind of got me going and I knew that going in.”

Rick Johnson

Austin, TX

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