BarkSuds Dog Salon Franchise

Open a BarkSuds Dog Salon Franchise and transform your passion for dogs into a lucrative franchise business. Benefit from a recession  proof, membership-based business model, impressive profits, low start up costs and amazing pre-tax margins. A BarkSud’s Franchise will fill both your wallet and heart!

BarkSuds Franchise Opportunity

Join the BarkSuds Revolution

With approximately 40% of families that include a pup or two, that’s a lot of unconditional love and available business for a new BarkSuds™ Franchisee.

So, whether you’re a recent college graduate or perhaps you have been searching to make a change away from an unfulfilling job, BarkSuds™ will welcome you into the pack.

No matter what your prior “life” or expertise was, BarkSuds will make sure you feel confident and prepared for your new BarkSuds Franchise. BarkSuds offers a predictable and recurring revenue stream based on an industry innovative monthly membership subscription-based model unlike the outdated “mom and pop” typical groomers and the over regimented impersonal “big box” corporate conglomerates.

BarkSuds Dog Franchise

BarkSuds Membership Based Model

Unlike a traditional groomer who struggles to understand when a customer will return, how often and for what services, a BarkSuds Franchise provides a predictable and reliable gross revenue stream with it’s monthly automatic billing platform.

At BarkSuds we provide this care on an unlimited monthly basis for only $45. Dogs eat this up and their parents love the service especially after the park or beach.

A solid monthly membership base with the BarkSuds Basic service with its monthly fee of $45 per dog per month will generate consistent revenue to easily cover overhead. Add-in frequent up-charges with the both the BarkSuds Dapper Dog and All-Over-Rover services, and your own BarkSuds Franchise will be poised to earn upwards of $400,000 gross annual revenue per location.

  • Our automatic monthly credit card billing model is a revolutionary spin on a traditional business.
  • Receive $45 dollars per dog every month guaranteed.
  • Predictable income stream like car washes, meal plans and gyms.
  • Memberships encourage loyalty which in turn creates a second income stream for haircuts.

BarkSuds Dog Franchise

BarkSuds Franchise Benefits

  • Provide all support to open a “turnkey” ready to go BarkSuds™ Salon. No prior dog grooming experience required at all.
  • Site Selection Support with proven success.
  • Proprietary design for lobby and back-end equipment.
  • Exclusive area rights.
  • Comprehensive training including appointment software, payroll, and accounting platforms.
  • Extensive Franchisee training on standard of care, dog handlings and customer facing policies.
  • Initial on-site apprenticeship at a company owned BarkSuds™ location.
  • One-on-one mentoring with a corporate employee who will also follow you to your own BarkSuds™ Franchise to ensure a smooth opening.
  • National advertising including billboards and social media campaigns.
  • Access to economies of scale including wholesale product purchasing.
  • Guaranteed to produce a lot of tail wagging!

BarkSuds Dog Franchise


  • No prerequisites! Doesn’t matter what your prior life experience. Just bring Passion.
  • BarkSuds™ will welcome you into the Pack and be by your side like a loyal pup.
  • A BarkSuds™ Franchise is a “turnkey” business model.
  • BarkSuds™ “White Paw Support” will be with you every step of the way starting with site location.
  • BarkSuds™ will ensure a swift built out including cost management with our engineers and architects.
  • White Paw Franchise support even includes on-site training and hiring including our appointment software, bathing procedures and grooming guidelines.
  • BarkSuds™ is only a short leash away. Whether it’s operational support, growing your revenue, or just to “bark” a bit, we are a pack that sticks together. No growling required.


  • Open a BarkSuds™ Franchise and leave behind that soul crushing 9 to 5.
  • Living for the weekend? Counting days until Friday? Sunday Night dread?
  • Be your own boss. Stop working for a paycheck.
  • Build you own future and financial security.
  • What could be better than be surrounded by beautiful dogs.
  • Job security does not exist. Corporate employees are disposable.
  • Be passionate about you new career as a BarkSuds™ Franchisee.

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