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  • FIVE Multiple Revenue Streams / Not Limited to Companion and Personal Care:Senior care (non-medical & medical), private pay home health care, and medical staffing.
  • Scalable business model: With uncapped revenue potential
  • $1,681,998  Average Revenue – for franchisees 1st locations open at least 12 months as of December 31, 2017 (*see additional details in BrightStar Care 2018 FDD, Item 19, Table A.)
  • $302,499 Average National Account Revenue**for franchisees 1st location only opened 12+ months as of December 31, 2017 (see additional details in Brightstar Care 2018 FDD, Item 19, Table E).1
  • Uncapped revenue potential: Robust franchise system allows franchisees to capitalize on multiple services and revenue streams.
  • National Accounts: BrightStar has established large national and regional accounts that our franchisees can benefit from.  These national accounts relationships provide additional revenue opportunities for franchisees that are participating in the program.
  • Joint Commission Accreditation: Our franchisees obtain J.C. Accreditation, which is considered the highest standard for health care organizations, and earned by many hospitals, doctors’ offices and nursing homes.  This dedication to high standards sets us apart from our competition and provides peace of mind for our clients knowing that their loved ones are being cared for by a professional organization.

1 Even though this information is historical and based on actual information, the Federal Trade Commission requires us to include the following statement: “These figures are estimates only. If you rely on these figures, there is no assurance you will have the same experience. You must accept the risk of not generating these same results.” This information is published in the Item 19 of our 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document, along with additional information regarding franchisee first agency average revenues and gross margins.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, home care industry revenue skyrocketed from $30.4 billion a year in 2002 to $65.4 billion in 2012, and will continue to grow into the foreseeable future. This rising tide has inspired many investors to want to participate in the upside. In turn many home healthcare franchises have popped up to satisfy demand. And like many industries, there are market leaders and copycats.

So which home care franchise is best for you?

Who is BrightStar Care? A skilled home health care business

Home health care business is dedicated to providing full range of solutions for families
We know how overwhelming the responsibility of caring for a family member can be. BrightStar Care® co-founders Shelly and J.D. Sun’s first experience with home health care businesses came when J.D.’s grandmother, “Grandma Pat,” needed help. The Suns lived in Illinois, while Grandma Pat was in Florida. Finding good healthcare professionals was a struggle, and as Grandma Pat’s needs changed, the cobbled-together solutions kept falling apart. No company offered a full continuum of care to care for people with changing needs, and the quality of care was radically inconsistent.

The Suns founded BrightStar Care® as a family business in 2002 in order to provide the full continuum of home health care for families and individuals in need. They dedicated themselves to creating a home health care business that families could rely on for quality health care, whether their family member needed companion care to provide help around their home, personal care to help them manage mobility challenges, or skilled care to help manage medical conditions.

Today, BrightStar Care’s services include adult care, elder care, child care, and medical staffing services for individuals, families and healthcare facilities.

Skilled home healthcare franchise
With franchisees servicing over 300 locations nationwide, BrightStar Care® helps keep parents and grandparents in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. We can provide every service that is available at a nursing facility, but in the comfort of your loved one’s home. From companionship, toileting and hygiene assistance to in-home blood draws and complex infusions, our services are available around the clock to meet our clients’ every need.

Multiple revenue streams
In addition to delivering care to patients one-on-one in their home, we also provide care in other settings. Other healthcare businesses frequently reach out to BrightStar Care for help with staffing needs. We provide personnel to hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, labs and anywhere healthcare staff is needed. These relationships not only bring in extra revenue for franchisees — they also provide extra income opportunities for caregivers, which helps make BrightStar Care the employer of choice for caregivers.

BrightStar Care franchisees also benefit from patients referred by our network of national account partners. Many healthcare providers are looking for skilled providers to serve patients in their homes, and BrightStar Care is an ideal partner thanks to our nationwide footprint and our franchisees’ accreditations. National account services range from insurance assessments and IV infusion therapy to home health, in addition to delivering flu clinic services to corporate, commercial and retail clients.

Brightstar Care FranchiseA higher standard of home health care

BrightStar Care franchisees earn Joint Commission Accreditation, which ensures that the highest level of health care standards are met.

The care we provide empowers our clients to live well at every stage of life and in every setting. It gives them, their families, and their loved ones the support they need to get the most out of life. At BrightStar Care, our mission is to go above and beyond to truly deliver A Higher Standard of Care and nothing less.

BrightStar Care’s business model is designed to help professionals without prior healthcare experience deliver A Higher Standard of Care. Our franchise support team includes a nurse practitioner who specializes in geriatric care providing coaching and training programs for caregivers; business coaches to help franchisees continually improve their businesses; IT professionals who are continually improving a proprietary technology platform that streamlines business functions and provides robust data to guide care and track patient outcomes.

These support systems help franchisees build a business that can scale up to meet the growing demand for home health care, and help our franchisees generate the highest average revenue among home health care franchises that publish financial performance data.

At the end of the day, the systems help our franchisees build a business that improves lives. For us, helping people is more than our work, it’s our passion. It’s what makes us truly shine, knowing that we’re making a real difference by bringing more to the lives of others every day.

Why Now is a Great Time to Own a BrightStar Care® Franchise

“When I was in other roles with BrightStar Care I always leaned on the support team, and they offer a lot of training and support for owners. We have sales support, operations support and nursing support. They have plans all laid out to help you succeed. I think that BrightStar Care is pretty unique in how much support they give us. It has been crucial to my business.”

Suzanne Miller

Wayne, New Jersey

“We are at a point where things can really increase rapidly in terms of revenue and growth. We’re at a point where if we just work a little smarter and put some more effort in certain areas, we can really begin to double or triple our business in a year or two. We’re just getting started.”

James Merchant

White Plains, New York

“I looked at several home healthcare franchises and, honestly, it wasn’t even a close call as far as the standards that BrightStar Care has. The depth and breadth of the business line means we have five or six things you can do versus the very limited services the competitors have. We have everything from traditional home care to skilled services to temporary staffing. Once I understood all that BrightStar Care has to offer, including Joint Commission accreditation, I was sold. Coming out of the medical field, Joint Commission accreditation was a big deal to me. It has become a huge marketing tool for us.”

Matt Hayes

Columbia, Missouri

“This is the first time I have ever owned my own business, so there have been many different things that I had to navigate. BrightStar Care leadership helped guide me along that path and provided me a good template of what to expect so nothing surprised me too much along the way.”

Jason Lieb

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

“Our nurses and staff are really compassionate. That’s what it really comes down to. We build a team of people who are compassionate and love what they do. Whether it’s our field employees or our nurse case-managers who are managing those people, that’s where you really see the difference you’re making in people’s lives.”

Jim Guzdziol

Naperville, Illinois

“I really enjoy that you always go home in this business feeling like you made a difference. Sometimes in other businesses you get that feeling, but most of the time you just go through and do your job. Here, I go home every day feeling like I’ve helped people and made a profound difference, with both clients and employees.”

Steve Zishka

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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