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Caffe Aronne Franchise

Our flagship method of service is our fleet of Piaggio Apes. These eye-catching vintage Vespa trucks are always an eye-catcher! It only adds to the senses when a Piaggio Ape is paired with our all-organic, self-roasted espresso beans. Perfect for outdoor and indoor events, our fleet of Piaggio Apes will set your event or brand apart like no other espresso bar can.

Caffe Aronne Franchise Overview

Born in Italy. Perfected in New York City.

To put it simply, we may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves when we established Caffè Aronne. Instead of starting with the basics, we fell in love with a 1978 Piaggio Ape during a vacation in Italy and knew we had to bring it back to the United States. Now affectionately known as Pisa, this vintage gem is coming full circle. In its former life, Pisa was utilized to transport food along the narrow streets of Italy. In its second life, Pisa delivers coffee throughout New York.

Throughout the years, I have frequently traveled to Italy, making the journey at least once annually. Coffee is a staple in Italy, consumed day and night. Trust me when I say that savoring a cup of northern Italian coffee will transform your expectations of java forever. With each visit, I began to grasp the art of crafting the perfect espresso – one that’s pure, velvety, and rich. When I decided to open Caffè Aronne, it was essential to do everything right.

Caffe Aronne Franchise

5 Reasons to Partner with Caffe Aronne

  1. Flexibility and Mobility: Our mobile coffee franchise offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to bring your coffee business directly to your customers. With the ability to set up in high-traffic areas or at events, you can adapt your business to meet the demands of different locations, ensuring maximum exposure and profitability.
  2. Low Overhead Costs: We understand the importance of keeping costs low for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our turnkey model minimizes overhead expenses, providing a cost-effective entry into the lucrative coffee market. This allows you to focus on delivering quality coffee without the burden of excessive operating costs.
  3. Proven Success with Turnkey Solutions: Our turnkey approach means that we provide a complete package, from equipment to branding and marketing strategies. Benefit from our proven success and streamline your business setup process. You’ll have access to a tested and refined system that increases the likelihood of a successful venture.
  4. Captivating Branding: Our mobile coffee franchise comes with a captivating and memorable brand, making it easier for you to establish a presence in the market. A strong brand identity attracts customers and builds trust, setting your business apart from the competition and ensuring long-term success.
  5. Booming Coffee Industry: The coffee industry continues to experience robust growth, with a steady increase in consumer demand. By joining our franchise, you tap into a thriving market with a product that has widespread appeal, providing a solid foundation for your business to flourish in a rapidly expanding industry.

Caffe Aronne Franchise


Clients in need of catering services can rely on Caffe Aronne’s team of highly recommended caterers to deliver world-class service for both official and unofficial events. The company provides three catering options – vintage Piaggio Apes, mini bar carts, and custom bottling services – ensuring that every client’s needs are met with precision.

For those hosting mobile events like on-the-go promotions, the custom bottling service is a perfect fit. And let’s not forget about their all-organic espresso bar, a fan-favorite among many who have experienced their top-notch catering offerings.

Catering your event fully through Caffe Aronne comes with a range of benefits. We handle all food preparation, service, and stay committed to using all organic high quality ingredients with our pastries and food, as we do with our coffee. Whether its wild sustainable salmon in our Sesame Smoked Salmon Croissants, the free range eggs in our salads, or even the organic avocados in each of our avocado toasts, when working with Caffe Aronne you can be certain that excellence is on the menu.


  • New York Training – 12-Hours
  • Onsite Training – 18-Hours

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