Caring Transitions

Caring Transitions Franchise

Caring Transitions provides business owners national brand power, multiple revenue streams, turnkey marketing campaigns, and low start-up and operational costs.

Caring Transitions Franchise Opportunity

Senior Relocation – Downsizing – Estate Sales

Some companies handle aspects of what seniors need, but we aim to be the complete solution. That’s why we handle everything; downsizing, relocation, decluttering and estate sales…and even emotional support. Our franchisees are there walking beside families every step of the way as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. Helping with the evolving needs of elderly loved ones can be one of the most gratifying and fulfilling career choices you could make.

Why Senior Relocation?

Being ranked as the #1 Senior Relocation Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for 5 years straight, there is no better way to serve the senior community and capitalize on the aging market than by owning a Caring Transitions Franchise.

The senior market is expected to grow to almost 20% of the population by 2030. As seniors get older, it becomes less reasonable, affordable, or safe for them to remain in their homes.

Major Profit Centers:

  • Senior Relocation.
  • Downsizing & Decluttering.
  • Estate Sales.

Caring Transitions Franchise

Why Chose Caring Transitions?

Caring Transitions is the name in senior relocation accompanied by notable connections. Caring Transitions’ referral partners include real estate professionals, nursing home directors, attorneys, and most importantly, satisfied customers.

While also having national accounts with Edward Jones, Moving Station, Paragon Relocation, Moves for Seniors and Oasis Senior Advisors. Caring Transitions owners have access to some of the best partners in the business.

  • National Brand and Reputation – You inherit the name and reputation of everyone else before you.
  • Proven Methodologies – We have more than 30 years of franchise experience that has proven effective across the nation and in various types of communities everywhere.
  • You Make the Final Decisions – The franchise is your business. You decide who to hire and how you will manage your team. You set your own vision and decide how you will grow your company.
  • Time-Saving and Easy-To-Use Technology –
    • CT Bids: Franchisees have exclusive access to sell thousands of items across the country. CT Bids has 263,000 unique site visitors and generates millions of dollars a year in online auction sales each year!
    • CT Accelerator: A state-of-the-art estimating software to save time when estimating the cost of relocation and downsizing projects; all while maintaining healthy profit margins.
    • FranSky: The customized and easy to use CRM, helps owners keep track of all their customers and projects, plus it will launch automated text and email campaigns
    • Winner’s Circle Program With the exclusive Winner’s Circle program, franchise owners can earn back their entire franchise fee upon reaching predetermined milestones in their first 2 years in business.

Caring Transitions Franchise

Training and Support:

Caring Transitions takes pride in their excellent marketing and operational support. Owners benefit from a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to drive customer acquisitions. The Caring Transitions provides franchisees with:

  • Social media marketing and advertising strategy.
  • Customized website for your specific business.
  • Localized SEO and search campaigns to drive traffic to your website.
  • Market-specific collateral.
  • National PR and branding program.

Support starts on Day One with a comprehensive on-site training program at Caring Transitions’ corporate office, followed by an in-depth 90-day onboarding process that puts new owners in the best position to launch their business.

Above all else, franchisees receive an ongoing business coach who will guide them to achieve their personal and business goals, and drive success.


Do I need any medical knowledge or training to run a Caring Transitions Business?

No! We are not a healthcare provider or service company. While medical concerns commonly prompt the call for our services, we exist to make lifestyle transitions regarding their homes and property as painless as possible. This can mean decluttering, helping customers move to a new home that meets their needs, or helping family members sort through possessions after a loved one has passed. It is the job of medical professionals to look after their health; we assist them adjust to new environments as their unique circumstances dictate.

Do I bill my customers and maintain any accounts receivable?

Absolutely not. It’s a cash business. You are paid for each job upon completion of the work. In fact, our system allows you to even accept most major credit cards.

“I believe our success is related to having a can-do attitude and making sure we don’t limit ourselves. There’s always an opportunity to say that’s going to be too hard, they’re going to be too difficult, or this doesn’t feel right to us. We always find a way to say sure we’ll do that”

Sherri Gillette

Caring Transitions of Southern Arizona

“I decided to become a Caring Transitions Franchisee because I was exploring business opportunities and I needed a model to get me going in the right direction and I really loved the services Caring Transitions provided”

Jared Meyer

Caring Transitions Franchise Owner

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