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CertaPro Painters Franchise

We’ve painted our way to success – now it’s your turn! Becoming a CertaPro Painters® franchise owner means hitting the ground running with a large, growing brand behind you. A brand that already has a reputation that far exceeds any other painting company.

A bright future in business starts right here with CertaPro Painters®.

In 1992, CertaPro Painters, Ltd. began with the vision of making residential and commercial painting services easier and more convenient for homeowners and business owners. From the beginning, our promise has been that of certainty, aiming to reassure customers of our quality and expertise. While today we are the largest residential painting contractor in North America, our locally owned and operated franchises take pride in bringing personalized service to customers in every region, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

CertaPro Painters Franchise

This opportunity is NOT about picking up a paintbrush – It’s about running a professionally managed business.

CertaPro Painters® is the largest residential and commercial painting company in North America. Our customers know that they are working with professionals who respect their businesses and homes. This consistent experience has made CertaPro Painters® the most referred painting company in the US and Canada.

Why Choose CertaPro Painters

When deciding on what type of a franchise the initial investment is a major factor. Starting a painting franchise can be done with low overhead, no real estate and an extreme room for growth.

  • $56 Billion Market – As the largest painting franchise in North America, CertaPro Painters® makes up only 1% of a $56 Billion Market.
  • Low Overhead – Starting a painting franchise does not require a physical office or a lot of inventory. You can get up and running quickly.
  • Support & Lead Generation – CertaPro Painters® enables you to run your business without needing to cold call for leads. We make affordable to you a strong inbound marketing strategy that brings customers and inquiries to your phone and inbox.
  • Vendor Discounts – At CertaPro Painters®, we work to build relationships with vendors that have the ability to support the system as a whole. By engaging with vendors on this scale we help franchisees connect with resources that they may not have otherwise known about. In addition to exposing franchise owners to entities who have continental scope and perspective, we can leverage the CertaPro Painters® system’s collective volume to be able to offer franchise owners a pricing scale that may not have been available to an individually owned business.
  • Technology and Training – These are just a few examples of how we will support you and your business with technology and training. Franchisor support includes sourcing marketing materials, leads management software, scheduling software, advice about staffing, management techniques, and business processes. Fill in the form to get more details on the CertaPro Painters® franchise support system.

CertaPro Painters Franchise


Financial assistance can be used to pay for half of the franchise fee upon approval. Financing through the IFA’s VetFran Program for veterans is available as well as an SBA loan or 401(K). These financing options are subject to approval.

Opportunity to waive the Franchise Fee for a 2% increase to your Royalty (5% of Gross Sales) for the first 5 years of the Franchise Agreement.

Franchisees who are part of the CertaPro System are eligible for faster SBA loan processing through the SBA’s Franchise Registry Program.

“First class organization. Outstanding training, computer systems, marketing program, support and most importantly… spectacular people top to bottom.”

Chris Drucquer

Philadelphia, PA

“CertaPro allows me to own a business with a product that everyone uses… Besides, I make a terrific living at it as well.”

Mike Hopkins

Cleveland, Ohio

“As a franchisee, I feel a great deal of support from the corporate staff in all areas of the business. There always seems to be a resource for areas I need support in. With the cliché ‘you can’t get what you don’t ask for’, I have found that when I identify a need and ask for support – it has always been available.”

Jason Bowers

Flagstaff, AZ

“I have more support than I thought would be provided. I have access to the training team, my assigned support GM, and all of the corporate office’s marketing team. There are no walls to prevent me direct access and ask for advice and offer my thoughts. Feedback is welcomed – begged for – by the corporate office.”

Sheri Osburn

Augusta, GA

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