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Discover how the IT outsourcing trend is transforming businesses nationwide – and how you can reap the benefits with your own CMIT Solutions franchise.

Today’s businesses run on technology. From sales and marketing to building customer relationships – whatever the mission, IT is mission critical. But increasingly, businesses are wising-up. They’ve found they can – and must – outsource IT services to lower costs, increase efficiency, and keep focused on what they do best – growing their businesses!

Who’s going to supply the must-have IT services businesses need to compete? You are. With CMIT Solutions – the franchise opportunity that will perfectly position you to catch the outsourcing wave and harness it for your success.

Strong market, Proven model

With CMIT Solutions, you’ll help businesses of all types and sizes reach their full potential by offering IT services custom-tailored to solve their most pressing problems. Right now, there are literally hundreds of businesses in your community that need expert assistance with:

  • Network Design, Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Firewalls, Virus Protection and Security
  • Database Design, Back-ups, and Disaster Planning
  • Websites, Intranets, and Web Conferencing
  • Email Newsletters, Brochures and Presentation Templates
  • Training on essential business productivity software

With your CMIT Solutions franchise, you offer all of this … and more! The strength of our National CMIT Solutions Network, along with the personal touch of a strong, local CMIT Team that you recruit, build and motivate, is your formula for success.

Whatever your background, we’ve got IT for you.

You don’t have to be an IT expert to become a successful CMIT Solutions business owner. What you need is the desire to work for yourself and the drive to take on executive-level responsibility for your future.

Pair your business sense and people skills with our proven service model and marketing plan. CMIT Solutions will:

  • Teach you to find and motivate your own CMIT Team of technical professionals and get them ready to hit the ground running.
  • Help you analyze your region and supply you with solid marketing strategies to develop your customer base.
  • Give you service secrets, proven methodologies, and best-of-breed partnerships to expand your sales potential.
  • Keep you on top of IT with top-rated franchisee training and ongoing support.

If IT is your future, find out about CMIT Solutions.

If nothing else, contact CMIT Solutions for an Informational Interview. Get to know the CMIT Home Team and let us get to know you. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions as you seek the right franchise opportunity.

Make an investment in your future. Request more information about the CMIT Solutions franchise opportunity, today!

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