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Deka Lash Franchise

Why Deka Lash?

Deka Lash is an industry leading Eyelash Extension brand. A Deka Lash franchise is a unique concept in the eyelash extension market. Deka Lash features a customer focused, one-of-a-kind experience. We pioneered the semi-private lash station that doesn’t isolate customers or employees. The Deka Lash team provides marketing, financial, operational, and staffing support. We take pride in our family-like environment and it shows.

Why Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are disrupting the beauty industry. Lashes are a lifestyle, an addiction, and so much more than a fad. Lash franchises are taking business away from other elective beauty services and are becoming part of a woman’s beauty regimen. The Eyelash Extension category is on pace to open over 300 units in just a few years. Deka Lash alone has awarded 72 territories and will open 40 new stores by 2018.

Deka Lash Franchise


What is a Day in the Life of a Franchisee?

Deka Lash franchise owners have the option to be a semi-absentee owner if they choose. Our studio model allows our owners to focus on high-level decisions while using corporate provided solutions for many of the day to day tasks. Deka Lash offers full call center support, training, and more.

How Is Deka Lash Different?

Deka Lash is all about quality. We are different from our competition in so many ways, starting with a professional training program that we developed over the past 7 years. Our proprietary studio design features custom designed beds, chairs, and work area. Our studios provide a personalized customer experience with a check-in system that is unique to our industry. We offer an industry leading membership program that goes beyond standard packages.

Do I Need Lash Experience?

No, you do not need to have any eyelash extension experience. All you need is a passion for making women look beautiful and feel confident. We provide initial training to your lash artists and evaluate their skill set, so all you have to do is concentrate on creating a positive environment for your employees and customers.

Deka Lash Franchise

What Support Is Offered?

Deka Lash has made a commitment to developing a franchise that is built around support. We offer support for Marketing, Training, Operations, Site Selection, Construction and more. Deka Lash is committed to excellence and by hiring experts with franchising experience, we are able to provide the kind of support you need to be successful.

Next Steps

After you submit your information below, you will get a call from us. It’s a quick call — usually about five minutes — that gives us a chance to introduce ourselves, learn a little about you and answer a few questions. From there, we’ll schedule a time to provide you with in-depth information about our eyelash extension opportunity and to learn about you and see if Deka Lash is a good fit.

Jennifer & Mike Blair, Founder and CEO of Deka Lash talk about the franchise opportunity.

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