Electric Man

Electric Man Franchise

Electricman franchise business is composed of innovative and professional group of utility experts in America’s leading electrical franchise industry. With years of experience and unmatched passion, we will light up the way for powerful business and franchise opportunities.

Become an Electric Man Franchise Owner

We make it simple and easy for you. You will be guided every step of the way.

Why Own an Electric Man Franchise?

  • Electrical Experience Not Required – With the right staff you don’t need the experience. We can help your staff with your business.
  • Lower Start Up Cost – Electric Man start up costs are less than most of the other electrical franchises.
  • Business Coaching & Training – You’ll be working directly with the founder of the Electric Man franchise.
  • Recession Proof – Regardless of what’s going on, people need to have electrical work done.
  • Established Marketing Team – We have a marketing team to help you immediately generate leads for significant cash flow.
  • Receivables are Simple – Most payments are made immediately after the job. This means no waiting around for payments that can cause your business to be financially strapped while waiting on payments.

Electric Man Franchise

Electricman Franchise Owner Benefits:

  • A reputable full-service company with excellent track record
  • Innovative and dynamic team of operators
  • Solid marketing team
  • Reliable networking opportunities with like-minded professionals
  • Latest and most advanced technology in the field
  • Vision-oriented and goal-driven enterprise

Your future starts here! Startup or grow your business with one of America’s leading electrical utility chains. With our team of electrical professionals and marketing experts, you can spark up success in a flash. Reach us now by filling out the form.

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