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Frost Shades Window Frosting Franchise

“We were both furloughed during 2022 and we decided business ownership was a much better option for our family,” said Kane Scott. “We wanted a business we could work in, have work-life balance, and provide a service that people really need. There are windows in need of frosting and tinting on almost every home and we think this is a largely untapped market.”  Frost Shades franchise was designed to be a low-cost and easy to launch business.


Residential and commercial window tinting is booming and underserved

Frost Shades Window Tinting FranchiseWhen you join Frost Shades, you will quickly see that our entire business concept is setup and focused on the above. The start-up fees are one of the lowest in the franchise arena and more importantly the overhead is right up there as well.


Our model, is a Home-based concept without the need of warehouses, large inventory, big machines and huge overheads, thus allowing you to keep the costs down and the profits up.

The residential and commercial window tinting is a multi-billion-dollar industry and very much in-demand.


  • Residential Tint
  • Decorative Window Film
  • Commercial Tint
  • Safety & Security Film

By combining your commitment, drive and desire to succeed, along with our experience, support and training, we can have you up-and-running within weeks.

The simplicity of this business is what makes Frost Shades a standout in the franchising field. It’s simple to learn, simple to teach, and simple to run, thus resulting in simple great potential.

Frosh Shades Window Tinting Market


There are a ton of franchise opportunities out there, but there’s nothing else quite like Frost Shades.

There are no dedicated or specialized franchise opportunities focused on this space yet window films are a multi-billion dollar a year industry.

Homeowners are looking for frosted windows and privacy films and they are often looking for UV or anti-glare films that can reduce AC costs by 30%.

When you join our team, you’ll become part of an energetic, entrepreneurial community that works together to advance our brand and take us all to new heights.

  • Low Start-Up cost
  • Low overhead
  • Huge profit margins
  • Training & Support
  • Home-Based
  • In-Demand
  • Recession-Proof and easy to learn!

Your Frost Shades franchise can be started by yourself then contract out the installation. To scale, you might have a customer service rep, a salesperson and additional contract labor for installation.

Frost Shades is a family-oriented group of professionals with a proven track record of success and a structure unlike any other franchise organization. We’ve built up our reputation over the years so that customers trust the Frost Shades name.

Frost Shades Mobile Van Franchise


Frost Shades won’t simply sell you a franchise and then walk away “hoping” you do well. We are a family, and we’re here to work together and grow together.

Our Founder and CEO is Leo Goldberger. Leo is well respected in the franchise industry as an innovative service brand franchisor. His training team is made up of former franchisors and experienced franchise owners. Thomas Scott, CEO of Brand Journalists, a 25-year franchise industry pro is also a principle and the COO of Frost Shades.

You’ll work closely with a training and support team throughout the setup process, so you can get to know every aspect of our business model and company.

Our business development team will give you all the tricks of the trade that we’ve learned through our years of experience in the industry.

Our support system starts at our headquarters in New Jersey, where we will train you on how to become a successful business owner, attract customers, and become the best in your field. After training, we’ll visit your business, examine your territory, and work with you to start you on the road to success.

The training and support never stop, help and guidance are always just a call away.

We’re invested in making your business a success, and all our expertise, knowledge, and experience is at your fingertips whenever you need it.


Are you ready to join a winning team, take control of your life, and become your own boss? Drop your 9-5 job and start building your future with Frost Shades.

Contact Frost Shades today to receive your FDD and find out more about how you can take control of your life and become part of the Frost Shades family.

Frost Shades Franchises talks about their Low Overhead and Low Cost of Goods

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