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High School sports are an integral part of every community. An ongoing issue that effects every coach and program is money. This is where franchise owners at Fundraising U come into play. We plan, execute and repeat fundraising efforts that the student body and community will look forward to every year. A Fundraising University coach comes to the school and leads the fundraising effort. We launched in 2009 and have raised over $119 million for teams across America.


We run fundraisers for high school sports, band, orchestra, choir, clubs, dance teams, and any other group activities that have between 10-1,000 students!

Our coaches are experienced with small team fundraisers (like volleyball fundraisers or club fundraisers) and very large fundraisers (like football fundraisers, dance team fundraisers, or fundraisers for an entire school). No matter what size team, you can still reach your goals.

Middle school fundraisers are very compatible with our system as are youth sports organizations.. We even have fundraisers for elementary school students under the right conditions.

  • Work in High School Sports
  • Lightning Fast Start Up & Low Overhead
  • Proven Sales System with Extensive Training
  • High Earnings and Recurring Revenue

Fundraising University Franchise


Take advantage of our growth trajectory. Ride the wave and start your own franchise in the $800 million fundraising industry.

  • Brand that gives back – Equip students, coaches & communities to dream big, raise more, work smart
  • Low start up, low overhead, Up & Running in 60-90 days
  • High Revenue Potential, Strong Returns
  • 0-1 Employees to start, Home-Based Business, Family-Fit Schedule with light Summers & Holidays
  • Proven, Simple Sales System that drives Recurring Revenue
  • Extensive training, Full Marketing Support, Robust Technology Systems
  • Franchise FastLane driving Development


Item 19: Earnings

High Revenues Average: $1,213,371

High Returns Average: $286,699

Fundraising U Franchise


Participation in high school sports is at an all time high – but funding can’t keep up.

  • School Districts Can’t Keep Up – Budgets for many school districts are  continuing to shrink. One of the first places that is typically cut is an athletic program, putting increased pressure on teams to fundraise.
  • Parents Can’t Afford the Rising Costs – Youth sports in the U.S. are diverging according to income—more middle- and lower-income students are quitting athletics because their families can’t afford it.
  • High School Sports is Growing Significantly – Youth sports in the U.S. are diverging according to income—more middle- and lower-income students are quitting athletics because their families can’t afford it.


Initial Training – Held at one of our headquarter locations in Phoenix, AZ for one week. Topics will
include administration, operations, sales/marketing and on-the-job training at
headquarters. Step by step sales cycle training, lead generation and funnel

 On-site Training – Held at the franchisee’s location for 3-5 days to assist in the commencement
of operations. During this time an experienced trainer will make sales calls right
alongside new reps and then continues to coach the rep on securing leads
and building the sales funnel.

Tech Tool Training – Technology will also be a focus of training to ensure proficiency across our
standard technology including, CRM, Google Suites, Asana, and Fan Club.

Refresher Training – Continual training will be offered via on-line instruction and webinars.
Occasional in-person training may be offered or required.


Fundraising U has developed an ecosystem of sales technology solutions and fundraising product providers to optimize sales, coordinate operations, drive national buying power/distribution and deliver highest quality consumables.


Fundraising U Franchise
Bobby - Franchise owner at Fundraising U talks about his experiences.

Since we have started working with Fundraising University it has allowed my coaching staff to watch our team compete, have fun and raise a lot of money in 7 days. After our 1 week of fundraising has concluded, we have enough funds to send all 30 athletes to team camp, pay for a team bonding’s and helps pay for gas and meals.

Michelle Smith

Fundraising U Franchise Owner - Arkansas

Fundraising University is the best fundraising company I have worked with. Our first year we raised over $24,000 then $35,000 the second year with Fundraising University.

Daryl Patton

Fayetville High School Football

Working with Fundraising University has been a blessing. We have been able to raise much needed funds for our program, but we have done so in away that is consistent with what we already do. and the best part is that we have been (for 2 years straight) able to raise over $200 per player in our program without much of a time requirement from our coaching staff.

Mark Rabbitt

Fundraising U Franchise Owner

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