GMP Internet Marketing

GMP Internet Marketing Business Opportunity

Partner with the premier SEO company in North America, a true pioneer in the industry!

GMP Internet Marketing 

This company proudly boasts 100% success on over 40,000 websites since 1998, and has helped over 100 people get started in this recurring income model business since 2006.

This opportunity comes with your own customized website, 5K exclusive leads, proprietary software that manages your clients and streamlines the process, training, coaching & mentoring for one year.

The service that you will be providing is delivering guaranteed true front page Google, Bing & Yahoo placement for clients that are currently paying-per-click for their Google traffic to their websites. They are buying traffic because their site simply does not meet Google’s criteria to be deemed relevant. Therefore, the leads that you will be contacting already have a budget for, and have established a need for, this service. The value proposition that you will convey to your potential client is a historical average of 3 times more traffic at 1/3 of their current Google campaign cost.

No technical experience is required, as the original company will perform all aspects of the optimization work for your clients, using its proven methodologies over the last two decades. Good communication skills are required (or hired), as this is a consultative, no pressure sale.

This is a business opportunity, not a franchise – therefore, no royalties!

GMP Internet Marketing Business Opportunity


  • No experience necessary
  • No office required
  • No employees required, depending on your skill set/capabilities and time available
  • Operate your business from anywhere
  • Recurring income model
  • High client retention rate
  • Very little, if any, customer service
  • Low overhead
  • Financing options available
  • Provide your services with a true money-back guarantee
  • Leads provided; constantly growing market with millions of prospects
  • Licensed proprietary software
  • One year unlimited coaching & mentoring
  • Virtually zero competition with respect to these methodologies and experience
  • Unlimited growth potential
  • No royalties

Market Size

There are some 1.2 billion websites globally…with roughly 43% (516 million websites) in America, and growing every day. Your potential market is immense, unrestricted and constantly growing.  There are no territory restrictions with our program.  In 2020, businesses spent $147 billion dollars on Google Adwords; paying Google per click for their traffic.  You can help anyone with a website, but the millions of businesses paying per click for their traffic already have a budget for your services AND they have established a need for it.  That makes them easier to convert to clients.


Virtually zero competition with respect to GMP’s methodologies and proprietary software that assists in achieving and maintaining 1st page search engine listings.  You will be able to say you have a tech team with a 100% success rate for over 44K sites, published pricing, no long-term contracts and guaranteed new Google placement or your money back.

No Technical Experience Required

The ability to communicate well, in order to consult on Internet marketing in general, is most desired. GMP handles the technical aspects of the business or will teach you and your team how to do so in the Standard and above programs.  This is a consultative type sale you will be having with your potential clients.  It’s informational for them, very relaxed and transparent.  They will learn things they’ve been told in the past were secret or “proprietary” by other service providers.

Training, Mentoring & Leads

In an initial 2-day training class, GMP teaches you and your team the ins and outs of this incredible business. Included are a new template/customized website, up to one year of GMP mentorship, as well as 2,000+ (depending on program) qualified leads, unique leads of companies that are paying excessively for Google placement in PPC Ads. You also get a licensed copy of our proprietary software and one year of support.

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