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Go Painting Commercial Painting Franchise

Work from home and set your own schedule while maintaining key relationships with subcontractors and clients and build your commercial painting company.

Go Painting Franchise Overview

The first and only commercial painting franchise brand.

At Go Painting, our emphasis on commercial painting distinguishes us from other brands. Through our B2B approach, franchisees will cater to business clients instead of individual homeowners. As a result, there will be a greater emphasis on building long-term partnerships and consistently receiving repeat business. Additionally, the average job size for our franchisees is significantly larger than that of typical residential painting projects – about 3-5 times bigger. This allows franchisees to focus on fewer but more substantial projects, giving them ample time to oversee quality, manage customer relations, and drive revenue and profit growth.

Go Painting Franchise


  • Unique commercial focus – The first & only commercial franchise painting brand
  • Home-Based – Home office translates to minimal overhead
  • Proven sales model – Successful relationships and job-winning estimates that quickly generate revenue.
  • Recession-tested model – The Commercial painting industry is resilient through all economic climates
  • Modest startup costs – Low startup cost compared to similar franchises
  • B2B Sales – Long term relationships with repeat customer base
  • Low marketing costs – More dollars to your bottom line
  • Large average job sizes – Large-jobs=less projects for more revenue. Repeat business and greater margins.
  • Simple labor system – Using 1099 subcontractors simplifies management and production

Go Painting Franchise


In addition to top-notch training and support, franchisees will have access to a wealth of invaluable resources. They will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to succeed in various aspects, such as customer acquisition, relationship-building, business administration, and project management. Our comprehensive training program will cover everything franchisees need to know. We also recognize the significance of teamwork and will aid in connecting franchisees with dependable subcontractors to effectively complete painting projects.

Franchisees will be coached on effective strategies to find and connect with their target customers. These strategies include:
  • Receiving a database of potential customers specific to their territory
  • Assistance in joining industry trade associations, where they can participate in monthly meetings and other association events
  • Access to online databases that enable franchisees to conduct research and identify potential customers who align with their target market
Go Painting leverages independent subcontractors to perform painting projects. This streamlined workforce model offers the following benefits:
  • Corporate assistance in finding and vetting contractors
  • Franchisees don’t need to hire employees for about 1-2 years after launch. The first employee is typically hired to support either sales or project management
  • Franchisees can focus on learning and building the business, establishing a solid foundation before expanding responsibilities and costs, and can delay the hiring of a sales executive or project manager until the business has grown.


You are a seasoned professional and know what it takes to be successful. You also know how to establish relationships and provide value to others. When you combine your talents, intellect, and desire for autonomy with the powerful GO brand and operational systems, the results will be greater economic freedom and extreme pride in the business you build without the stress of reinventing the wheel.

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