goGLOW Franchise

goGLOW is a skincare product + service business, not just a spray-tan. goGLOW is revolutionizing the sunless tanning industry! No Smell, No Orange Look, No Sticky Feel. It’s not a spray-tan, it’s a goGLOW!

goGLOW Sunless, Healthy Tanning Franchise

goGLOW is a storefront based custom sunless airbrush tanning service that utilizes proprietary skin care products, proprietary tanning solution and proprietary equipment to deliver a best in industry customer experience.

goGLOW has taken spray tanning to a professional skin service level. Our skincare experts focus on education along with providing the best sunless airbrush tan on the market. goGLOW’s proprietary products only use the best ingredients that are natural plant-based and vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free and made in the USA.

goGLOW Franchise


  1. Incredible Financials! Average gross sales of $670,025 and average net of $236,797, 35% margins!
  2. goGLOW is a skincare + service brand. We provide custom and natural looking sunless tans but also generate nearly 30% of our revenue from skincare product sales. All with the best quality ingredients on the market!
  3. Genius Labor Model & Customer Experience –15 to 20-minute service per goGlow application that isn’t physically taxing like massage, eyelashes, brows and NO LICENSING REQUIRED. FDD shows goGLOW’s average skincare expert making over $30/hr with customer  tips making up 60% of the compensation!
  4. Small footprint (1,200 – 1,500 sq. feet) and optional Salon Suite Launch Strategy in turnkey suites ensures a fast launch and ability to build customer base before opening full location. Up and running in as little as 3-4 months through Suite Strategy!
  5. No Smell, No Orange Look, No Sticky Feel. We are disrupting the space with Proprietary Skincare Products, Proprietary Equipment and Proprietary Tanning Solutions.

goGLOW Franchise

Simplicity and Scalability of the goGLOW Franchise is the Key

  • Owner-Operator or Executive Model
  • Both Product (27%) and Service (73%) drive significant revenue
  • Unique Launch Suite Option to generate revenue & train staff in 60- 90 days
  • 15-20 min service doesn’t physically tax employees
  • Ability to turn each room 3x per hour
  • 1,200-1,500 sq ft flagship with 6-8 application rooms
  • Low Labor Costs – 60% of Employee Comp Paid through Tips
  • Recurring Membership Model
  • Strong Average Ticket – $75 & Incredible Margins
  • RAVING FANS – over 5k Five-Star Reviews!

goGLOW Franchise

Proactive Training and Support

The goGLOW leadership team works directly with our franchisees to create their easy-to-operate, efficient and effective business. All goGLOW franchisees are provided comprehensive goGLOW certification training. Therefore, no previous skin care experience is required.

We have proactively equipped our organization with premium franchisee profit-centric systems that are designed to vigilantly protect our most valuable assets… our franchisees. Our franchisee centric systems include:

Business Development Support –
• Site selection & lease negotiation assistance
• Complete store design, development, and construction support
• Comprehensive training for 2 to 3 of your team members
• Grand Opening PR, social media & event planning

Ongoing Support –
• Highest-grade proprietary sunless products that are eco certified DHA, vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, and cruelty free
• Centralized goGLOW “music profile” wired to each location
• Ongoing business coaching & staff training
• Innovative and effective traditional & digital marketing initiatives
• Expert industry PR, SEO, social media programming & guidance

Ideal Franchisee Candidate

  • Pioneers who know they’re joining a ground floor opportunity.
  • Strong Females Leaving Corporate America
  • Strong Couples who are passionate about health and beauty
  • Leadership and Management Experience
  • Sales and Customer Service Obsessed
  • Territory developers, business/empire builders
  • Positive Attitude & Solution-Oriented
  • Trainable and coachable
  • Gritty & Determined
  • Driver vs Passenger Mentality

If you are passionate about the personal care industry, and have a minimum of $100,000 in available capital for each location you wish to develop, we welcome your interest by completing the inquiry form below. goGLOW is one of the most notable personal care franchise opportunities in recent memory, and a standalone star in the spray tan industry. We will be happy to address your initial questions and review available opportunities in your market.

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