Grasons Estate Sale

Grasons Estate Sale Franchise

Estate Sales are exciting and one of the fastest growing industries Nationwide. Grasons is the #1 referred estate sale & business liquidation company for local real estate sales.

Grasons Estate Sale Franchise

Grasons Co. has been growing faster than any other Estate Sale Company because we sell items at the highest price, stage homes with the most care involved.  We also have the largest following and ratings by buyers, sellers, Realtors, Attorneys, Probate Courts & Trustees.

When you hire a professional liquidator, you are placing a great deal of trust in a company to handle the sale with utmost respect and professionalism.  Grasons Co. is known for its honesty, integrity, professionalism and care we put in every sale.  We have over 30 years of experience in our industry and proven systems in place to ensure all our clients will have an extremely successful estate sale.

Grasons Co. prides itself on exceptional customer care.  Our experience, knowledge & ability to handle all estate sale needs in one place is why we have become the preferred estate sale company of choice.  We love what we do and it shows.

Grasons Estate Sale Franchise

Grasons Services and Streams of Income

  • Estate Sale Services
  • Staging
  • Liquidation Services
  • Consignment
  • Debris Removal and Clean Out
  • Auctions (on-line and on-site)
  • Realtor Referral
  • Coordinating with Senior Relocation Partners

Why Grasons?

Grasons Co. has already been established as the #1 Estate Sale & Liquidation Company in California, one of the largest revenue driven communities in America and has won over a dozen times the #1 viewed company in the Nation!

Our methods have led our company to success, an undeniable proof they will do the same for you.  You will not have to re-invent the wheel, figure out where to advertise, how to get business, where to start, how to price, stage, market, and sell.

A Very Profitable and Exciting Opportunity

Along with being a very profitable business, owning a Grasons Co. Franchise comes with income that’s earned while:

  • Meeting the most amazing people
  • Experiencing something unique at every estate sale
  • Learning something new every day
  • Building a network of professional contacts
  • The rewarding experience in gaining the trust of each client
  • Building a client base that’s loyal and refers you future clients
  • Setting your own schedule
  • Working from home
  • Enjoying a different location every time (no cubicle)
Why Grasons Estate Sale Franchise

“I owned my own estate sale company but really wanted to be a part of a team and something bigger without spending a fortune trying to figure it out on my own. Since I have purchased my Grasons Co Franchise I have not only quadrupled my Estate Sale business, I have been able to perform all sales, from the small to the mansions. I am able to support my family 2 kids in college and have now purchase a 2nd location. Being a part of the Grasons Family has been incredible and I can’t imagine ever doing anything else. The marketing, continued education and support I receive from being a part of the Grasons estate sale brand has been unbelievable. Truly grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization. I am independently owned and operated but never feel alone in my business.”

Kendra Shattles

Grasons Franchise Owner Long Beach, CA

“I have always wanted to own my own business where I can grow and develop as a true entrepreneur to navigate my own destiny. Since I have purchase my franchise I have been able to add another location and add an important part to my business. With the direction and the training from our Corporate office we have been able to perform sometimes 2-3 sales a week with ease in both locations. We have been performing estate sales under the Grasons brand for just 1 year and we can not wait to see how big we can go in the next 5 years or more. The knowledge we receive from our training and continued support is something I know I could never do on my own. The owner “Simone Kelly” truly has a vision and is methodical in her ability to make that vision a reality and really cares about each and every franchise owner’s business. I know after being in the corporate world and self employment world for over a decade “Simone” and Grasons is where I want to be and where I will stay.”

Vince Stirone & Nick Wilder

Grasons Franchise Owner Elite

Working for someone else my whole life I realized I wanted to own my own business. I purchased a Grasons Franchise and could not be happier. The training, support, marketing and knowledge from our entire Grasons Family is amazing and really makes me feel I am part of something larger than just me. Not only are we able to perform multiple sales per weekend, with the outstanding training we have received and continue to receive, we can perform these sales with professionalism and efficiency. What is even more awesome we have added an extra piece to our franchise services we provide “staging”. With our training we received and the unbelievable relationship the corporate office has set up for all our franchisees I’ve been able to stage homes for our clients and watch them sell in less than a week. I truly believe in our motto “We know it’s much more than an estate sale…it’s a relationship”. Loving what I do everyday gives me so much pride in what I do in helping so many families in a time of need. Here is what is so key to my success with Grasons; the marketing, the great reputation, our ability as a team to not only work together but also be respectful of everyone in our industry. “Simone Kelly” our estate sale brand owner is extremely supportive and understands we are all working together as a team and not just our team but our entire industry as a whole.

Victor Burke

Grasons Franchise Owner Beach Cities

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