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Great Clips Franchise


What’s our advantage? We lead the industry in practically every measurement when compared to our competitors. And that’s a big advantage for our franchisees.

Great Clips is proud to present their multi-unit franchise concept. The Great Clips opportunity allows you to continue in your current vocation and establish a multi-unit business with Great Clips.

  • Powerful Brand And History – At Great Clips, we’re proud of the work we’ve done to establish our great brand name and reputation for more than 35 years.
  • Great Technology – Great Clips leads the industry with technology that makes it easy for customers to choose Great Clips, and gives franchisees the tools they need to operate their businesses—anywhere, anytime.
  • Support And Training – Great Clips provides franchisees with the expertise, tools, resources, and technology to help them open their first salons and grow their businesses.
  • Our Process, YOUR Business – The Great Clips system has been developed and tested for more than 35 years. Our most successful franchisees are the ones who are ready to use that system and all that it offers to start and grow their businesses.
  • Community Outreach – Great Clips franchisees, their teams, and the corporate office are dedicated to our communities with a focus on philanthropic and volunteer activities.

Great Clips Franchise

Why Choose Great Clips?

  • Great Clips is the largest single haircare name brand in North America. We have a nearly 50% market share of all franchised hair salon units. As measured in units, the next closest brand falls short by more than 30%–and the gap grows wider each year.
  • Owners can keep their professional careers—our salons are manager-run.
  • We have more than 1,000 owners who have opened more than 4,450 salons.
  • Our owners believe in multi-unit ownership—our average owner operates 5-6 salons after five years.
  • We don’t just say we’re 100% committed to owner success, we prove it. To eliminate conflict of interest issues, we are not in the business of operating corporate salons; our salons are owned by franchisees.

Great Clips Franchise

Great Clips Franchise Owners Role

Our owners come from a variety of backgrounds, but their role remains the same – to be an engaged, dynamic leader with the ability to thrive in our system.

Be Ready for Something Great

Our proven management system has led to success for more than 1,000 owners and counting for one reason, it works:

  • We recruit franchisees who are skilled at hiring and motivating staff, can follow a system, and who understand the basics of business.
  • Multi-unit ownership is common; on average, our owners have 5-6 salons just 5 years after opening their first location.
  • Every salon functions day-to-day under a manager’s supervision, while our owners are engaged in operations.

Great Clips Franchise

Great Clips Franchise Owners Have Great Success

Today, Kim Vosika owns 18 Great Clips locations. The Great Clips model gives you the opportunity to grow your business in your own time. As each location begins to cash flow, you can begin looking for your next location. Before you know it, your the proud owner of multiple Great Clips franchise locations.

Great Clips is an executive business opportunity with a concept focused on multi-unit franchise ownership. If you are looking to build a multi-unit hair care business and can utilize your executive skills to take advantage of the Great Clips brand and expertise, provide your contact information. One of our brand development managers will reach out to you shortly.

We appreciate your interest and will look forward to talking with you soon.

Current Franchisees Explain Why They Chose Great Clips

“What’s special about Great Clips is that there’s a system and everyone’s a part of it—all the corporate staff, the franchisees, the hairstylists, the managers—everyone’s in this business together to create the most profitable salons and the most enduring brand. Everyone’s working together toward that same goal, and it’s pretty exciting.”

Jim Petrowich

Franchise Owner - 1995

“When I joined, I thought that this was a good business to get into, but I didn’t really know how good until we went through this last recession. And, quite frankly, our business has perhaps benefited from this recession, which very few businesses can say. It really brought home how fortunate we are to have chosen the Great Clips business.”

Ajay Arora

Franchise Owner - 2008

“Great Clips fit the model for what my wife and I could do long-term that had sustainability. As we grew older and reached those retirement years, we knew we would have the flexibility in scheduling, yet have an income stream that we could use to sustain those retirement years.”

Don Elliot

Franchise Owner - 2003

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