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Healthier 4U Vending helps entrepreneurs who have the desire and the motivation to make people healthy. Our comprehensive Small Business opportunity includes healthy vending machines, training and a range of other services.

Healthier4U Vending FranchiseFor those people who want to be their own boss and who want to hit the ground running, we give you all of the tools needed to be successful.

Healthier4Vending Overview

We are the World Leader in Healthy Vending!

Healthier 4U Vending, a wholly owned subsidiary of 21st Century Technologies Group, was launched to be the premier healthy vending company in the world. Taking advantage of our expertise in manufacturing, distribution and product sourcing with top-notch customer service, we have quickly become the leader in the vending industry.

At Healthier4U Vending we provide not just machines and a business model, we also provide you with a selection of actual locations for you to place machines.

Why Choose Healthier4U Vending?

We have in-house experts that find locations for your machines in your area.

Our location specialists will work with you to find the best locations that fit your needs, both in geographic position as well as your choice in types of locations you want (i.e. schools, gyms, etc.). Once we have some sites selected we will have you go review the locations; upon your approval of the locations we will set up the machine install. It’s that easy!

The Healthier 4U Vending Advantage

  • No franchise fees.
  • Locations are provided.
  • Business plan and training in Las Vegas.
  • No territory or limitations on where you operate.
  • Machines made in America – manufactured by UAW Teamsters!
  • You get the best in equipment, price and service, making Healthier 4U Vending a better choice for us all.
  • A full-service opportunity that gives you that needed advantage in the marketplace.
  • Customization and personalized to fit your requirements, from investment levels and specialized products to business coaching and training—We offer it all.

Healthier4U Vending Machine Business


Our unique, American-made machines offer complete remote access technology. This enables credit and debit card acceptance as well as access to sales figures, maintenance needs and inventory stock levels, all viewable online.

H4U Healthy Vending Machines were designed to set the standard for quality, reliability, and innovation through technology.

Training And Support

Our world class training program, included in your business package, is a major reason H4U continues to be an industry leader and innovator. At training you are provided the blueprint for success. With over 75 years of entrepreneurial experience, co-Founders Brian and Del Swain, developed this program for people just like you. We don’t sell machines; we provide you with a lifestyle. This two-day course held at Corporate Headquarters in Las Vegas, will give you every tool needed to be successful.

Ideal Candidate & Qualifications

Our average owner/ operator initially invested about $50,000 to launch the business and spends about 8 hours a week operating the business. With multiple investment options ranging from $50,000 to $350.000+, you can select whatever level fits your needs.

Qualities of a successful owner /operator are dedication to own and operate your own business, a passion for helping people live a healthy lifestyle, and a commitment to making a difference in your community.

Prior business experience is not required.


Learn how to build a passive business part time or full time. 

Over 500 people just like you have followed our proven blueprint for success.

They brought healthy snacks and drinks to their local communities, while building themselves a successful passive income business.

Part time or full time, the choice is yours. Come learn how you can do the same thing in your local community. You can own, operate and profit with your new business while making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Brian and Del Swain talk about the Healthier4U Vending opportunity. Partner with Healthier4U Vending to build a healthy vending business.
Healthier4U Vending talks about finding the best locations for your vending business.
Healthier4U Vending talks about training owner-operators to be a success in the vending business.
Healthier4U Vending has State-Of-The-Art Machines

“I invested in Healthier 4U in December 2017 with an initial order of 10 machines. I’ll be expanding my business with them a little later this year. My experience with H4U has been positive and, while it does take work and hustle, my return on my initial investment has been more robust than expected. I look forward to growing with Healthier 4U in the coming years. “

Blair Kasfeldt

Helathier4U Vending Business Owner

“I currently own 18 of these of these machines. I started my company affiliation with H4U June 2018 with 15 machines. I had a positive experience with this franchise personally and no regrets. They provided training and helped me find my locations. Everyone I interacted with from H4U have been incredibly knowledgeable and nice. I still get contacted from them now and then to make sure I’m doing well. I can’t complain about the income the machines bring in either! I have some machines that need to be filled every day. The online system that they use is awesome! I would recommend this franchise.”

Nicole Bramley

Helathier4U Vending Business Owner

“Healthier4U has been great to work with from the initial purchase of my machines to still being engaged and making sure my business is growing. I started with 5 machines in August 2018, now I have 38 machines a year later. I’ve owned other businesses before and worked in a franchise system. I wouldn’t have made that investment if I didn’t believe in the product and the team at Healthier4U.”

Matt Dayton

Helathier4U Vending Business Owner

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