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Healthy You Vending FranchiseIt’s just getting started, and the window of opportunity is huge. More and more people are becoming interested in living healthier lifestyles and are becoming educated about what they should eat. Now you can be rewarded by filling this need with the Healthy YOU Vending opportunity.

The demand for healthy food options is erupting, don’t miss out!

 This public demand shift for healthier foods is being catapulted by THREE surging advancements, and now YOU can position yourself to benefit by what’s being called “The Perfect Storm” business.

  • THE BOOMING VENDING INDUSTRY – $43+ Billion Industry. Consisting of small, impulse purchases, it’s great to be able to offer something people crave – yet don’t think much about spending the money for it. With the typical American consumer’s desire for convenience and instant gratification, it’s no surprise that U.S. companies are embracing specialization of vending machines as a new sales, marketing, and distribution strategy. Additionally, the rising generation loves to do business with automated retail systems by pressing a few buttons, swiping a credit card or tapping their smartphone.
  • EXPLODING WELLNESS REVOLUTION –The Health Craze is only getting healthier! America is quickly becoming a nutrition-conscious nation because people are choosing a healthier lifestyle. Americans are eating healthier at home and are looking for those same healthy options in vending as well.
  •  HUGE POLITICAL PUSH -From a national scale to local communities, government leaders are mandating “healthy vending standards.” From Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to “Healthy Choice” programs sponsored by business (corporate wellness), civic (public buildings) and education leaders (schools/colleges) – “healthy vending” is rapidly moving from niche to normal.

Better Than a Franchise

Healthy You Vending FranchiseYou can join the wellness revolution by starting a business with Healthy YOU Vending – the nation’s largest supplier of healthy vending machines. While Healthy YOU offers franchise level support the company is technically a business opportunity and not a franchise. We don’t force you to give up control of your business or burden you with franchise, royalty or recurring fees and there is no required purchases after your initial investment. With 19 years in business and over 1000 healthy vending operators nationwide, we know what it takes to help you be successful in the healthy vending industry. We’re here for you every step of the way with complete training, ongoing support, lifetime coaching and the strongest guarantees in the industry.

Benefits to partnering with Healthy YOU Vending:

  • Lower investment (can start under $100K)
  • Multiple locations/can relocate (mitigate risk)
  • No territory restrictions
  • Total independence (operational freedom)
  • No employees necessary
  • Very little operating capital needed
  • Passive, 24-hour income
  • No fees or royalties (your business, your money)
  • Corporate Training & Lifetime Coaching:

Spend two jam-packed days with us at our Corporate Headquarters and learn everything you need in order to launch your healthy vending business. With Healthy YOUniversity Trainings held monthly, come and get no-nonsense, practical hands-on experience with your healthy vending machines, products, locations, software, business operations, marketing and much more. Our seasoned, in-house coaching staff at Healthy YOU Vending stands ready to assist you in every aspect of launching, growing and operating your new healthy vending business.

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