HOMEstretch Franchise

HOMEstretch is redefining an industry that is plagued by poor service, bad communication, and missed deadlines and is replaced with excellent communication, exceptional customer service, speed, and transparency. HOMEstretch is trailblazing the home preparation market by providing a consultative, single-solution for all of the cosmetic improvements a house needs prior to listing.

HOMEstretch Franchise Overview

HOMEstretch is a service company that helps homeowners and real estate professionals prepare homes to sell. HOMEstretch provides value- added services to improve the condition of the home including: clearing out unwanted items, painting interior & exterior surfaces, installing flooring, landscaping, and move out cleaning. HOMEstretch incorporates technology throughout its operations to make the experience smoother and more refined. We are redefining the contracting space by providing innovative ways to connect with our clients and utilizing technology to make the business scalable.

HOMEstretch Franchise


  • 5 revenue streams in one opportunity
  • Recurring revenue strategy
  • Clear out, Flooring, Painting, landscape clean up, and clean up.
  • Hybrid-dedicated subcontractor model-minimal staff
  • Business development focused with a light marketing spend.
  • THE solution for real estate professionals and their clients
  • Owner/Operator or Semi-Absentee
  • Home-based with minimal employees
  • 60-day fast-track to open
  • Low investment, high revenue

The premise behind HOMEstretch is that it’s a one-stop shop for all these services. “Buyers want move-in ready,” says Derek Shewmon, co-founder of HOMEstretch. “This means an updated look with a fresh coat of paint, clean flooring, tidy gardens and uncluttered spaces. Instead of hiring six different vendors to do all that, home sellers can call us to handle everything from start to finish. And unlike most service providers, we answer the phone, show up, and get the job done on time.”

HOMEstretch Franchise

What Sets HOMEstretch Apart?

  • National partnership with Sherwin Williams (Flooring + Painting)
  • Small staff
  • High revenue high margin business
  • No real true competitor in the space
  • Quote in 24 hours or less – begin every project in 2-5 days.

Clients can take advantage of all of HOMEstretch’s services or just a few. The average ticket is about $5,000 for a standard 2,200-square-foot home, but the price can go as high as $40,000 for a larger job based on the services needed. But it’s a worthwhile investment, says Lobert. “We focus on cosmetic improvements that increase the value of the home. We’ve had clients who have put an extra $150,000 in their pockets by doing basic things like painting, flooring, and landscaping.”


A business builder and relationship driven individual. A HOMEstretch candidate wants to help people and build a profitable business. Strong ties to the community are a plus. This candidate has a history of building and managing teams with a strong ability to do high-level networking with real estate professionals.

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