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Over 95% of our new owners in the last 5 years come from industries outside of home inspections, real estate, or construction.  With that knowledge, obviously home inspection technical training is very important to us.  Our proprietary systems and our industry-leading training program make you ready to inspect a home the first day you open for business!

The HomeTeam Franchise Legacy

HomeTeam Inspection Service is a powerful, 25-year-old brand in high demand. HomeTeam is the only Home Inspection company in the world that uses a team of inspectors on every single inspection creating high revenues for our owners, and high demand for their clients.

Since the beginning, HomeTeam has been the dominant leader in technology, operations and marketing, and the brand continues to set the standards for the rest of the industry.

HomeTeam’s growth rate is the highest in the industry surpassing 600% in 2016, with a 5-year continuity rate exceeding 95%. Our top 25% of owners average revenues exceeding half a million dollars annually with no office building or inventory to erode profits.

Commanding Success of Every HomeTeam Franchise Owner

HomeTeam has 25 years of experience successfully training our owners how to develop our powerful “TEAM Approach” to dominate their territories. This is the premier training program in the industry. HomeTeam is the only company that trains you in “Team Building,” and how to establish a business that is a sound investment for your future. This is coupled with substantial resources that ensure our owners have every conceivable edge to dominate their territories.

  • Proprietary TEAM Training
  • Inspection Training
  • Professional Sales Training
  • Business Development Training
  • Personal Business Development Planner
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Real-Time Inspection Support
  • Professional Sales Authority
  • Designated Digital Marketing Specialists

Become a HomeTeam Owner

HomeTeam owners come from diverse backgrounds. Our newest partners consist of sales executives, financial consultants, real-estate investors, military officers and more. However, they all share the common goal of investing in a business with virtually unlimited growth potential and a powerful resale value.

Is it time to make your own rules? Own your schedule, determine your profits, and create a powerful business legacy?

“In 1996 I was looking for a business that would have the potential for growth. I was contemplating a home inspection business partnership in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. As I conducted my due diligence on the home inspection industry, I visited several Home Inspection Franchises, including HomeTeam in Ohio. HomeTeam told my wife Gena and I that they had some Franchises for sale in South East Florida. Gena and I had homes in Cincinnati and Ft. Lauderdale, so I explored the possibility of starting my business in Ft. Lauderdale. After submitting a business plan we were accepted into the HomeTeam family. Our business has been operating for twelve years now, and I have been able to generate personal wealth and a quality of life that few people get to enjoy. I have a team of Inspectors and office staff who can run the business whilst I am away, and I have no regrets about owning a HomeTeam home inspection Franchise. Twelve now actually!”

Colin Conroy

Pampano, FL

“I decided to change professions and try the home inspection industry in 1996. After researching the Texas rules, I decided that HomeTeam was the way to go. I knew nothing about how to open a home inspection business and I could get all the training that I needed to start. As a franchise I was purchasing a proven business plan and support. That was what I needed. Thirteen years later, everything that I was told by HomeTeam was correct. The plan worked to perfection. The ongoing support could not have been better. I would highly recommend that anyone considering entering the home inspection profession, not only go the franchise route, but link up with HomeTeam to be successful quickly.”

Curtis Carr

Beaumont, TX

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