IM=X Pilates and Fitness

IM=X Pilates Franchise

IM=X offers a re-choreographed and reconstructed fitness solution that integrates Pilates, strength-training, barre, cardio, yoga, personal training, back wellness and more.

 IM=X®: A Powerful Blend of Pilates and Fitness

Fast-track Your Goals!

Independence, earning power, a flexible schedule and physical fitness are the reasons to join the IM=X® Pilates and Fitness franchise system!  Make a positive impact on your community and capitalize on our long-standing foundation.  Receive a proven business model and franchise support to excel in the boutique pilates, barre, cycle and personal training industry.

The critical franchisor support we provide will help you thrive:

  • staff certifications to save on payroll
  • superior equipment at a reduced price
  • operational formulas and details
  • complete marketing plan all done for you!

IM=X Pilates Franchise

Why Choose IM=X® Pilates and Fitness?

  • Comprehensive Operational, Training and Marketing Support
  • Payroll Savings (tuition free staff certifications)
  • Vendor Savings (we pass the savings on to you)
  • USA made equipment (built to last)
  • Guided Site Selection and Buildout
  • Proven brand with over 35 locations
  • USA female owned company
  • 25% Greater Capacity than competitors
  • Manager Training for Semi-Absent Owners
  • Recurring Group and Elite Memberships
  • Over 80% Retention Rate (we have members for 15+ years)

IM-X Pilates & Fitness Franchise

EQUIPMENT: The quality of our equipment is superior: we manufacture our own patented reformers in the United States. Unique features include: a smoother glide, wider carriage, lumbar support, versatile plyometric board, and heavier spring load. The end result is that a broader range of clients are comfortable on our strong reformers which are built to last! Your initial equipment package also includes our Wall Towers and Standing Platforms to add more variety and versatility to your class offerings.

IM=X Pilates FranchiseSTAFF CERTIFICATIONS: Our franchise provides unlimited certifications at no additional cost to your staff for the life of your business!  We offer these courses onsite annually and offsite as often as you need! NO OTHER pilates, fitness or wellness franchise provides the extensive training support that we do.

MARKETING SUPPORT: We have designed your ads, signage, emails, social media, Facebook ads and more. You have access to our proprietary library of logos, graphic designs and marketing artwork.

BUSINESS TRAINING AND ONGOING SUPPORT: Software skills, methods of operation, marketing, instructor certification, quality control, scheduling and billing are among the topics covered. We also provide ongoing phone and e-mail communications to answer your business questions and support you in your growth.

IM=X Pilates has been featured in publications such as Self, Shape, Mademoiselle, Physical, Fitness, Fit, Entrepreneur, Club Business, Physical Therapy, Club Insider, Club Industry, Personal Fitness Professional, ADVANCE for Directors in Rehabilitation, Entrepreneur Woman, Dance, Pilates Style magazines, The New York Times and more.

The IM=X® franchise is a complete formula for success, one which leverages our past experience with the present opportunities in the pilates, barre, personal training, indoor cycling, and back wellness markets.

Are you ready to transform your future?

IM=X Pilates and Fitness Studio Franchise
IM=X® Pilates & Fitness Franchise

Over the Competition I Chose the IM=X Franchise. When researching the two Pilates franchises as an investment, the differences was clear in my decision to pursue a franchise with IM=X Pilates. I found in my discussions with both franchisors that Club Pilates is a franchise-based business model that offers Pilates, whereas IM=X is a Pilates-based business model that offers franchises. With IM=X, you have access to the leaders of the company, who are passionate and extremely knowledgeable. The equipment and training provided by the IM=X franchise is exceptional.

Deborah Kaufman,

IM=X Pilates Franchise Owner, Louisville KY

10 Successful Year and Counting No Prior Experience. Time flies when you’re having fun! Hard to believe almost nine years have passed since we opened our IM=X Pilates Studio. With no prior fitness experience, we quickly established ourselves thanks to the athletic focus of the IM=X program, the superiority of the Xercizer machines, and the excellent instruction provided by our Master Trainers. Looking forward to many more years of helping our members improve their lives with IM=X Pilates!

Rhonda Webber

IM=X Pilates Franchise Owner, Lake Oswego, OR

Of All the Reformers I Have Used, The Xercizer is the Best. The IM=X Reformer, or Xercizer is superior to any other reformer I have tried. The carriage, shoulder blocks, foot-bar, handles, and foot loops are comfortable; the carriage has a smooth glide and can accommodate tall and heavy clients; the springs are heavier but can be fine-tuned… the addition of a lumbar support allows for exercise variations; the jump board is big and also has comfortable padding; the ability to remove the shoulder blocks and foot-bar, and having the oversized carriage pads have proven useful in working with clients with physical limitations due to injury/surgery. These Xercizers are big and heavy so they give a solid base for an aggressive workout.

Kristina Martin PT, DPT

IM=X Pilates Franchise Owner, Fort Worth, TX

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