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JETSET Pilates Franchise

The success and speed of JETSET’s first ever franchise expansion was ignited and fueled by its visionary founder, Tamara Galinsky. Tamara introduced JETSET Pilates in 2010, attracting a large and loyal fanbase dedicated to the unique and challenging 50-minute workout. JETSET’s combination of traditional pilates, intentional choreography and seamless transitions set to energizing, curated playlists delivers transformative results, fast.

JETSET Pilates Franchise Overview

JETSET Pilates founder, Tamara Galinsky, signed her first lease and launched in 2010, in Miami, Florida. Since then, the growth has been remarkable. What started as a single studio has expanded to five corporate locations and 23 franchised ones in development, with plans to extend to over 800 franchised studios. This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

We pride ourselves on offering our franchise partners significant accessible support from our team. We are hands-on and committed to making sure you are getting the most out of your JETSET Pilates Franchise. Our franchise offers both face-to-face support and the most advanced technologies to optimize your business, so that you can focus on growing into a multi-studio owner.

JETSET Pilates Franchise

“This moment in the JETSET story is a strong testament to the power of our brand and its ability to replicate.   JETSET was created based on my vision to combine a transformative and effective workout with a mind-body connection while creating space to foster relationships. I’m energized daily by the JETSET community, whether I’m visiting a studio in person or seeing our clients share results on social media. Franchising has been part of our business plan since our earliest days so it is exciting to see it come to life to such intense demand from both clients and franchise applicants.”

– Tamara Galinsky, JETSET Pilates Founder and Brand President 


JETSET Pilates® classes follow a signature 50-minute format and are structured as a symphony of graceful and choreographed movements with minimal transition times. Our classes aim to keep muscles at maximum tension throughout the duration of the exercises with the intention of creating long, lean, strong, and balanced bodies.

Our instructors are trained to lead the class with intention and efficiency in mind to help you land at your Destination Body™. JETSETters™ flock to our studios because they never experience the same class twice.



The JETSET Pilates® workout is choreographed on a custom Pilates Reformer. This is a modern version of the traditional machine; customized for the JETSET workout and incorporating upgrades such as platform eyelets and rope cabling. In conjunction with the machine, clients will utilize a Pilates ring and a variety of light dumbbells.


JETSET Pilates is an amazing community of like-minded people. Firstly, it is franchising to over 800 locations, that means hundreds of entrepreneurs are able to make their dreams come true as I did. Franchising is delivering knowledge so that others can re-create your success. Secondly, as it grows, it delivers this experience to tens of thousands of people.

The  Pilates and yoga studios market is expected to reach $98.19 billion in 2022 and $145.46 billion by 2027. 

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